Dimsum Mubarak – Celebrate Dimsum Week at JW Marriott Mumbai

The night before I attended this dinner, I had a dream. I dreamt of a dimsum tree. Pearly white, translucent beauties hung from the branches, stuffed with the most delicious meat and seafood of every kind. I woke up satiated and with a smile on my face, looking forward to my meal that night. 

JW Marriott Mumbai hosted me and a bunch of other food bloggers to celebrate dimsums as a part of a week long festival held at their in-house Asian restaurant – Spices. Chef Tenzin from Arunachal Pradesh, a maestro at dimsum making is sharing his passion and creations with diners as a part of the restaurant team. Dimsums/ momos feature in my top 5 favourite foods of all times, and that’s one difficult list to get onto! This post is going to be a long winding tribute to one of the many imports from China that we can’t do without – the dimsum.

Celebrating the movie award season and the dimsum festival, I’ve put together ‘Dimsum Awards’ of my own. Hope it makes for a fun read. Here’s celebrating the best of the dimsums I ate at the J.W. Mariott dimsum week.

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Chocolate and Cappuccino on a Stick – Magnum’s Choco Cappuccino Launch

I remember the very first time I tasted a Magnum ice cream. A treat for all senses. My eyes widened at the thick chocolate coated ice cream bar. The distinctive ‘crack’ of the outer covering I heard when I bit into it. And the smooth vanilla inside that created such an offset of textures to the crunchy chocolate coating. You may have eaten a lot of ‘Chocobars’ in your life, but the first time you eat a Magnum is truly an experience. 

This international brand came to the country roughly a year ago with three flavour variants – Classic, Almond, and my favourite the Chocolate Truffle. For a year they’ve established themselves as a fairly premium adult ice-cream brand, partially due to their price bracket, and partially due to the use of pure Belgian chocolate that makes it so elite. Cut to – a year later- they bring a fourth variant into the market which got me all excited. The Choco Cappuccino arrives!

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Drink Up: Antioxidant Cooler Recipe

It’s getting increasingly difficult for me to juggle work, blogging and trying to eat healthy. In between all of this the wonderful people at Diet Unlimited came as saviors. In addition to the wonderful three day diet plan and counselling they chalked out for me (read all about it here) they gave me an easy, peasy recipe for an ‘Antioxidant cooler’ which I have added to my daily regime and thought I would share with you guys.

The debate if antioxidants are real or simply a myth to sell health products will continue, and I really don’t have a stand on this. Antioxidants are necessary to reduce the levels of oxidative stress that happens in our body, which can have detrimental effects. A lot of natural foods have antioxidants which are helpful for reducing harmful free radicals in the body and this recipe employs a lot of those foods. 

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Branded Bawi’s Blogiversary: Giveaway

Yaay! I’ve turned one! Okay, not really. I’m a lot older than that. But the blog, my baby, my labor of love turned one. What started off as a random experiment on a bored Valentine’s Day alone at home, has grown and nurtured into what it is today. The blog was supposed to be my personal diary, my documentation of the things I eat and the people I meet. It’s come a long way since then. Looking back I did not expect so much love and support from all my readers, and I thank you all from the core of my heart. Juggling a tiring, full time day job, yet making time to eat out, come back home and blog about it is not easy. It is only you, dear readers who have pushed me forward, encouraging me to do so. *wipes a silent tear*

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Unveiling the Mystery Box

No, this isn’t the MasterChef version of the Mystery Box I’m unveiling today. No, I didn’t have to cook a dish using a mish-mash of ingredients that don’t fit together. This Mystery Box is different. This Mystery Box comes laden with goodies of the sweet and savory kind. This Mystery Box is a lovely patisserie in Mumbai’s sugar capital, Bandra. Read on to know more.

This six month old patisserie and cafe, is helmed by co-partners Chef Shahzad Variava and marketing man Ajay Agarwal. If the former name rings a bell because you’ve seen him on the small screen during his stint as a MasterChef India season two contestant. That explains the name of the patisserie, doesn’t it? I spent a lovely evening at The Mystery Box among croissants, chocolates, and conversation with the chef.

Chef Shahzad with his signature BlackForest Cake
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