A Real Good Mothers Day

Ours has always been a foodie family. For me family celebrations and good food have been inseparable. Food and family are synonymous for us. I have distinct childhood memories of shelling peas and watching television with mom. Or cutting out interesting recipes for mom from newspapers and magazines. I would then write down these recipes for her in a brown notebook, which we still have preserved.

When my mother and I were invited for a Mothers Day special event hosted by Real Good Yummiez to spend a Sunday morning cooking and eating together, we both jumped. It was an event to honour ‘Maa ke Haath ka Khaana’, where mother-child duos would cook together and whip up signature creations. I was excited because one of my favourite celebrity chefs, Vicky Ratnani would be judging us. 

We were at Palate Culinary Studio (www.palateculinarystudio.com) that Sunday morning to try our hand at cooking some yummy dishes. We were given a fixed number of ingredients, sort of like the Mystery Box in Masterchef, and we had to come up with something. Capsicum, curd, raw mango, and Real Good Yummiez products: Hariyali Bites and Chicken Sausages. Check out their products here

We were five teams competing for some droolworthy prizes from Real Good Yummiez. We decided to cook a Sausage Paatiyo. A paatiyo is a traditional Parsi dish which is made with shrimp, and tomatoes. It goes well with traditional Dal rice. The shrimp were replaced with sausages. We also made a yogurt and raw mango dip, which we paired with the Hariyali kababs. Check out the pictures below to see what a fun time we had.

Mom peels the onions…..
…..while I cut up sausages
All the ingredients in a pan
@PratishthaKhan and her beautiful Mom-in law hard at work
@purabinaha is all smiles!
Chef @mohitsurfs with the delicious stuffed sausage balls
Mom and I pose with our final dish
Sausage paatiyo
Hariyali bites, yogurt dip and my mom’s lovely message
First prize winner. Amazing dish by @purabinaha
All smiles with Chef Vicky
The final outcome
All the lovely creations
All of us pose with our judge

We were pleasantly surprised to receive positive feedback from Chef Vicky. Getting second place was the highlight of our day.

So grateful for Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) and Real Good Yummiez to organize an event to celebrate the awesomeness that is a mothers cooking. And give my mom and me quality time together in the kitchen. It was lovely bonding with other mother-child duos over what we all love best- food. My mom said it was one of the best Mothers Day she had. What more could I have asked for?!

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