Invincible Vodka Fest at C’est La Vie

Mid-week spontaneous plans involving alcohol are always the best. One such plan happened recently where a bunch of us bloggers met up to review the Invincible Vodka Festival. Invincible Vodka is an Indian brand making their presence felt in the market. They recently launched a vodka festival at Ground Zero which is Bandra based club C’est La Vie’s bar. As a part of the festival one can try out some signature cocktails and a few savory items created specially with Invincible Vodka. 

About Invincible Vodka: 

Indian based brand- Invincible sources the finest grains from the Himalayas and passes it through an 8 step distillation process to acquire the vodka. It recently bagged two awards at Spirits International Prestige (SIP) awards. The brand received Gold medal for slick packaging design and Silver medal in vodka tasting. (Source:

I Am Invincible

We started the night off with some thumping music and a limited menu listing the special cocktails for the night. ‘The Bitter Truth’ (vodka + jagermeiseter + fresh limed tonic) and the ‘Orange Zest’ (orange juice + cointreau + vodka + orange puree) both disappointed. The latter had barely any taste of alcohol and I felt I was drinking orange juice. 

(Left to Right) The Bitter Truth; Orange Zest

The ‘Hawaiian Twist’ (Vodka + Malibu + Baileys + Vanilla Tonic) was comparatively a better option since I could taste the spirits in this drink. The unanimous favorite that evening was the ‘Death By Chocolate’ (chocolate sauce + vodka + gin + brownie poppers). It made for a lovely, smooth dessert drink combining everyone’s favorites: chocolate and vodka. They also had some flaming shots which I was too much of a chicken to try out.

(Left to Right) Hawaiian Twist; Death By Chocolate
Death By Chocolate

They’ve also created a food menu incorporating vodka. So you have Vodka Infused Poppers and a Vodka Salad using vodka in the dressing. Please order regular poppers or salad instead. The Vodka Pizza had vodka in the base and then some more vodka sprinkled on top. Your regular Margherita pizza but with the taste of vodka. The sprinkling of vodka on top made our vegetarian pizza soggy however. It worked purely because of its novelty factor: no one’s eaten vodka on a pizza before!

Vodka Pizza

We ended the night with some vodka shots. I guess we all felt the vodka to be milder and smoother than its contemporaries out in the market. Which explained why after downing so many drinks, no one was in high spirits.

Overall, visit only if you enjoy your vodka a lot and want to try a new brand. Otherwise totally worth a skip. They also have an offer going on, unlimited vodka cocktails for Rs. 850/- People who are hard core drinkers may appreciate that. 

Contact: Ground Zero, C’est La Vie, 164 Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.
Phone: +91 9320433233, 022 61322222 

(I did not receive details as to how long the festival would be on till)

Group Click. All Smiles 🙂

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