Chocolate and Cappuccino on a Stick – Magnum’s Choco Cappuccino Launch

I remember the very first time I tasted a Magnum ice cream. A treat for all senses. My eyes widened at the thick chocolate coated ice cream bar. The distinctive ‘crack’ of the outer covering I heard when I bit into it. And the smooth vanilla inside that created such an offset of textures to the crunchy chocolate coating. You may have eaten a lot of ‘Chocobars’ in your life, but the first time you eat a Magnum is truly an experience. 

This international brand came to the country roughly a year ago with three flavour variants – Classic, Almond, and my favourite the Chocolate Truffle. For a year they’ve established themselves as a fairly premium adult ice-cream brand, partially due to their price bracket, and partially due to the use of pure Belgian chocolate that makes it so elite. Cut to – a year later- they bring a fourth variant into the market which got me all excited. The Choco Cappuccino arrives!

I was invited to attend a special MasterClass conducted by two individuals who were best suited to bring out the magic of chocolate and coffee. Janice Wong – two time winner of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef and creator of edible art paired up with Fritz Storm – Barista champion and Coffee king to leave us spell bound. Wong’s 2am Dessert Bar in Singapore is on my bucket list of restaurants I want to visit and she’s truly a genius when it comes to innovating dessert, may it be her edible portraits or marshmallow ceiling made to resemble stalactites. Biscotti cappuccino, chilli chocolate mousse, edible soil are just some of the components of that evening. Everything we sampled left us spellbound and was a perfect amalgamation of chocolate and coffee.

Coming to the highlight of the evening, finally receiving the Choco Cappuccino Magnum in my hand, unwrapping the cover, and then being asked to wait. Haha….such a tease! We all bit into our Magnums on the count of three, and the entire room resonated with the distinct ‘crack’ sound. 

The outer layer of the Magnum was the trademark thick Belgian chocolate but this one comes with crystallized sugar pieces that gives it a slightly caramel taste. The inner ice cream is smooth vanilla with cappuccino swirls in the center. I couldn’t taste the coffee in the first bite and had to dig deeper for the caffeine taste to emerge. Chocolate is definitely overpowering in this fusion, but it’s delicious nevertheless. The Magnum is made with top-notch ingredients which is reflected in the thick outer coating which remains firm and doesn’t melt as fast as with other ice creams.

The new Magnum is a must-try, especially if you’re a fan of this brand of ice cream. The addition of the caramelized sugar crystals on top of the Belgian chocolate and vanilla may make it too sweet for a non-dessert lover, but if you’re a sugar aficionado like me you’re gonna love this! Don’t go expecting a lot of coffee flavours from this one though. I love Magnum, and I’m glad I have another variant to choose from. And I cannot wait for them to introduce more!

Magnum Choco Cappuccino launches in stores from the 1st of March and is priced at Rs 90/-

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