Product Review: Seafood and Meat Co.

Aah, the ease of living in the twenty-first century. Everything is available online, right from booking peons to get your work done, to getting clothes designed. And on the food front there’s a huge boom. Buy your groceries, compare vegetable prices, and even get recipe kits delivered to your doorstep. My latest find is Seafood and Meat Co. – an online portal delivering what else, but seafood and meat of every kind! 

The company was launched with the idea to become a one stop stop for all your non-vegetarian food needs, ensuring safety, hygiene and prompt delivery. I recently ordered some medium sized prawns and spicy chorizo from them, and here’s what I liked and disliked about my overall experience right from ordering on the website, to cooking with their products.

The ‘Wow’ Factors:

1. The Variety: It took me forever to narrow down what I wanted from their spread. Everything from seafood to poultry to red meat to eggs, and even offal is up for offer on the site. Yes, there’s beef too but we’ll just have to see how long it remains up there on the site. (As I write this post, I’m outraging within over the state-wide beef ban).

2. More Than Just Meat and Seafood: There’s also cold cuts and ready to eat stuff if you’re lazy. And a section for dairy products. And mixes and sauces to cook your meat in, which they intend to add into. Impressive much!

3. Foreign Return Meat: I was maha impressed to see a lamb rack from Australia up on offer. Australia and New Zealand are world leaders in terms of export and production of lamb. And for Rs. 2679/- for 1100 gms. it’s fairly well priced too. If they continue to add into the imported meat bracket, which becomes tougher to source, I’m sure they’ll do very well.

4. Brand spotting: They retail most of the popular frozen meat and seafood brands like Cambay Tiger, Sumeru, Venky’s, Real Good chicken and more. Makes it easier to pick if you’re used to the taste and quality of a particular brand.

5. Packaging: My order came snuggled in an ice box, so that the Mumbai heat and commute wouldn’t get the better of it. Also each item was sealed in a vacuum tight packaging maintaining hygiene and freshness. 

Ice boxes the products came in

6. Delivery Time and Slot: You can choose the time of delivery as per your convenience. My order came at the appointed time.

7. Quality of my Order: I cooked with their prawns recently, and I was pleased with their quality. Fairly large and plump, these babies came de-veined and de-shelled just as I like. You get the option of buying them with the shell on, or just the tail, depending on how you’d like to cook them. 

The ‘Ow’ Factors:

1. Limited Delivery Range: They’re partial to the opposite side of the sea link, with delivery extending from Bandra to south Mumbai.

2. Out of Stock: A lot of the less common meats remained out of stock on the website, which is understandable. Hence, the buyer needs to check availability of those meats before deciding to buy them or do a recipe around them.

Overall, these were minor complaints in an otherwise flawless experience. My next post revolves around my prawn order from Seafood and Meat Co. Attempting my grandmother’s version of a prawn patio – a typical Parsi prawn dish. Stay tuned!

Check them out –

(The author was invited to review the website, hence, no comment on the pricing was made).

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