Chocolate and Oat Cookies – The Lazy, Easy, and No Bake Version

I was recently inspired by an interesting article I read on one of the social media platforms, which listed beautiful chocolate desserts that could be made in under ten minutes. That very same evening I came home, experimented, and improvised on a beautiful chocolate oats, no bake cookie. I loved the recipe for two reasons:

1. It is the perfect lazy and easy recipe. It requires basic cooking skills, and if you can mix ingredients in a bowl – you can make this! Also it does not require baking. So major win win for people who do not own an oven, or are skeptical about baking.

2. Secondly, and most importantly it is a comparatively low fat cookie version. I’ve used dates in place of sugar, dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate, and increased the quantity of oats. 

What you’ll need:

  • 100 grams of dark chocolate
  • 50 grams of oats
  • 50 grams of chopped, seedless dates
  • A small glass of cashews. You can also use almonds or walnuts.

Yep, that is all. Most of these ingredients you will find lying around at home.

What you’ll have to do:

  • Start off by blitzing the cashews in a food processor. 
  • Mix the oats, and chopped up dates to this.
  • Heat the chocolate on a low flame, or in a microwave such that it forms a semi-liquid consistency.
  • Once the chocolate has slightly cooled, mix all ingredients together. Spread this mixture onto a greased plate in circles, and flatten into a cookie shape. Allow them to set in your fridge for about half an hour. And that’s all.

An important thing to remember since they are not baked, their texture is not crunchy like conventional cookies. Also, like most cookies they are best eaten freshly made, and do not have a very long shelf life. However, they are so quick to make, and so yummy, you are definitely going to gobble them up that very instant. Try them out, and tell me how they fared in the comments below. Or tag me in your cookie pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Happy cooking!

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