Take a Bao!

In 2015, we were introduced to the humble yet delicious Bao – a soft, pillowy bun that housed the most delicious meats and sauces within. The bao was featured on every ‘Food Trend of 2015’ article, and by 2016 has made it’s way onto the menu of most mid-level Asian restaurants in the city. But the restaurant that pioneered the trend, and remains my favourite place to bite into a bao is The Fatty Bao!

To celebrate Baos in all their glory, The Fatty Bao brings us the Bao Wow festival, where till the 14th of February you can feast on thirteen new varieties of baos, apart from those on the regular menu. That’s right, thirteen! 

I sampled five out of the eight non-vegetarian options on the menu, and my favourite had got to be the Chilli Crab & Prawn Bao. I loved the strong sea food flavour that emerges from this one, coupled with the comforting hit of chilli and garlic. I also enjoyed the Char Siu Pork Bao, where slabs of pork belly come drenched in a sweet, sticky BBQ sauce with green apple kimchi.

The Wasabi Fish is another good option with batter fried sea bass, drizzled with a wasabi mayo – reminded me of an Asian fish and chips in a fluffy bao bun. Avoid the Five Spice Fried Chicken Bao that tastes like a bao version of the KFC Zinger burger – not something I would order again.

Char Siu Bao

What I absolutely love about the baos at The Fatty Bao, every time I dine there, is the quality of the meat and the texture of the bao bun. Soft and fluffy yet thick enough to entrap the meat, veggies and juices within – a perfect recipe that I haven’t found at Asian restaurant serving baos. 

The Bao Wow Festival is on till the 14th of February. 

The Fatty Bao Mumbai:
Summerville, Junction of 14th & 33rd,
Linking Road Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050.
For Reservations call : 022-26005220.

(The author was invited to dine at The Fatty Bao and experience the ongoing Bao Wow festival.)

Photos Courtesy – Kunal Chandra.

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