P.S. I love u(ndhiyu)


A blog post dedicated to undhiyu. No I haven’t lost my mind…yet. It’s just my way of shouting my love for undhiyu out to the world from the rooftops. My love affair with all things gujju is rampant and undhiyu tops the list (closely followed by garba and chaas).

Undhiyu definitely ranks in my top 5 food items of all times. I would happily cut an undhiyu cake on my birthday. Or get undhiyu scented candles as a gift. Okay, so you get the gist…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not much of a vegetable eater. Blame that on me being a bawi. But throw in a dozen, two dozen odd vegetables into a green concoction called undhiyu, and I’m a happy camper. I guess its the fact that they’re all blended and camouflaged in so beautifully. Only the Gujaratis can add fruit such as banana and snack items like muthiya into a dish at the same time and make it taste god damn spectacular!

The best undhiyu I’ve eaten are undoubtedly the ones made at home. Like the less oily one my friend Darshi’s mom makes (@darshic on twitter) or the superb one my mom’s friend made us this Sunday (picture below). I think the magic ingredient is love! Of course I never skip any Gujarati weddings, undhiyu gorging being my number one reason. And then when all those options fail there’s always Swati snacks and Soam in South Mumbai. Its sad that its seasonal and mainly cooked during the winter at people’s homes.

That reminds me, I better get going. Shall go eat some undhiyu before winter leaves us. Cheers! raises her chaas glass

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