Navigating COVID-19 as a New Immigrant to Canada

New to Canada? Here’s how to combat the COVID crisis.

These are uncertain times for us all. The ongoing corona virus pandemic has made daily life challenging as many of us are struggling to adjust with this new normal. While it is important for us to continue to maintain social distancing in order to flatten the curve, this has inadvertently affected our emotional well being and social life, and for most of us our jobs and finances are at stake as well. The difficulty of this situation amplifies if, like me, you also are a new immigrant to Canada and were struggling to find a foothold in the first place.

Speaking from personal experience, having immigrated to Canada last year I started to feel like my life was getting back on a track of normalcy only in early 2020. After working hard to get my permanent resident status, making the big move to a foreign land, and figuring out life and living in Canada, I finally landed the job of my dreams in December 2019. Come mid-March and the onset of the pandemic hit, I felt like someone erased the blackboard where I was chalking out my life’s equation since the past many years. If like me, you too are a new immigrant to Canada and all this uncertainty has left you feeling sad and dejected, I urge you to read on.

Remember, you are not alone; remember, we are not alone. Canada is the land of opportunity and dreams; so many migrants before us are living proof of that. The world will heal and recover, we just need to stay optimistic and focused towards our end goals. Here’s what you can do in the mean time:

new immigrant to Canada
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Unburden Your Health – A Resolution for 2019.

I cannot help but strongly agree with what the poet W.H. Davies says here. Our fast paced lives are indeed beginning to take a toll on our health. Extremely long work hours and erratic schedules leads to lack of exercise, irregular meal times and improper diet. Work stress and fatigue means that the individual is both physically and mentally at risk for a break down. Coupled with environmental hazards such as pollution around us and the chemicals we put in our bodies, we are literally sitting on a ticking time bomb waiting to explode!

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And The Butchery Begins – House of Cards, Season 5

‘Watch out for each other. And yes, watch each other.’

As Claire Underwood looks chillingly into the camera and utters these words in the first few minutes of the episode, you know the Underwoods are back. And how! Season 5 of the political drama House of Cards re-appears back on the screen after a long hiatus. And House of Cards fans including yours truly, shall remain hooked onto the telly until they binge watch the entire season. The Underwoods have that sort of magnetic pull over you.

Season 4 ended on a high note with the Underwoods making the statement, ‘We do not submit to terror. We make the terror.’ As Frank and Claire struggle to keep their heads afloat the storm that is the upcoming elections they are so badly losing, you know they shall use every trick in the book to emerge victorious. Not to mention they’re reeling under the bad press that came out of Tom Hammerschmidt’s expose article. The first episode gives us enough hints that the Underwoods shall remain at their utmost worst and scheming best. *BEWARE spoilers ahead.

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Not Just An Ordinary Cafe

Two Versova based Cafes go above and beyond the conventional ‘Cafe’ definition, to provide experiences unlike anything else.

Mumbai has embraced the Cafe culture whole heartedly since over a decade now. But the average diner is now looking for a lot more than simply a coffee and a couch. Both the places which I’m going to discuss today are favourites – each for a different reason. Both these places will ensure you walk out with so much more than just a coffee in your system, or some food in your belly.

1. Leaping Windows Library and Cafe

Leaping Windows is a one-of-a-kind comic book library that houses an impressive cafe that doles out some delicious food. The entire space at Leaping Windows has posters, drawings and comic book memorabilia adorning the walls – you’ll never feel like you’re eating alone here. The basement houses an impressive collection of comic books, graphic novels, and manga – a treasure trove in a city like Mumbai where libraries are so hard to find. What I love is that you can drop by anytime, pay a nominal charge to use their reading room, and surround yourself in the magical world of comic books. 

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Care For An Animal. And Be Remembered For Good

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened ~ Anatole France.

I don’t recollect when my obsession for animals began. I do remember being extremely fond of them from an early age in life. I remember being in the sixth grade, and getting punished by a teacher for harboring a cat in my desk and feeding it out of my lunch box. I remember telling my parents I don’t want any siblings, and to get me a puppy instead. The crazy obsession for animals also stemmed from being an only child, and looking towards pets for comfort and companionship.

Animals are wonderful, wonderful creatures. Pets provide me with a sense of fulfillment and unconditional love in a way no other human can provide. The joy of having a dog run up to you, tail wagging and ears flapping as you return from a dreary day at work is immense. The calm and peace of a purring cat on your lap, even when you’re fighting demons inside is undescribable. 

Feeding an animal, caring for it, and providing it with a little love is the best way to make this world a better place, in my opinion. That animal could be a stray on the street, or living in a shelter, or a pet at home. We are blessed being the most superior of God’s creations, and caring for an animal is one of the most noble deeds we can do. And that animal – dog, cat, horse, bird – will remain eternally grateful to you. 

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