The Tiny Taster’s Fantasie Party. And a Wave of Childhood Memories

I am a 90’s child. I grew up in an era where life was simpler, less commercialized, and cell phones were kept away at dinner tables. Where Happy Cow cheese was our idea of international Swiss cheese, and where you had to request your neighbor aunty to buy you Toblerone when she returned from the ‘Gulf’. And chocolates in the country were limited to Dairy Milk and the likes. And then there was Fantasie – exquisite, gourmet, specially crafted chocolates – that seemed like such a prized catch back then. And in some ways it still is.

My introduction to Fantasie chocolates happened via an old family friend of ours. This lovely lady, a classmate of my grandmother, would come to visit us every six months. And everytime she visited, without fail, she would bring along a huge box of assorted Fantasie chocolates for the family. My grandmother knew I loved the chocolates so much that no one else was allowed to eat them. It was my first introduction to the world of gourmet chocolates, the first time I may have tried caramel, or praline, or mint in a chocolate. I  would guard the box with all my life, and sustain every bit of self control to eat only one piece from the box everyday after dinner. Aah, memories! 

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I’m a Hundred Posts Old

Gosh, how time flies! The blog is over a year old, and exactly a hundred posts in age. It feels like yesterday when a few close friends pushed me to start writing about food and share my passion for eating and writing with the world.

Finding time to blog so regularly has not been easy, especially with having a full time day job that takes up SO much of my time. But if you truly love doing something you’ll make time for it no matter what. Case in point – writing a blog post. And is you truly hate something you are going to procrastinate doing it  no matter what. Case in point – going to the gym. I’m glad I found two professions I enjoy being a part of. Both my passions – Audiology and Blogging, keep me happy and motivate me forwards.

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Branded Bawi’s Blogiversary: Giveaway

Yaay! I’ve turned one! Okay, not really. I’m a lot older than that. But the blog, my baby, my labor of love turned one. What started off as a random experiment on a bored Valentine’s Day alone at home, has grown and nurtured into what it is today. The blog was supposed to be my personal diary, my documentation of the things I eat and the people I meet. It’s come a long way since then. Looking back I did not expect so much love and support from all my readers, and I thank you all from the core of my heart. Juggling a tiring, full time day job, yet making time to eat out, come back home and blog about it is not easy. It is only you, dear readers who have pushed me forward, encouraging me to do so. *wipes a silent tear*

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From Melbourne to MasterChef to Mumbai – Sarah Todd

Masterchef  Australia has played a major role in opening up the common man’s eyes to gourmet food and fine-dining. Now into its sixth season, it has given so many home cooks a chance to become professional chefs, and we have all seen many such individuals metamorphose into professionals. One such contestant I keenly remember and watched out for in the sixth season was model turned chef, Sarah Todd.

Apart from being the prettiest and most soft spoken contestant, I looked out for her because of her Indian connect. This is because Sarah’s long time partner is of Indian Punjabi origin. Sarah was on a recent visit to India; touring Delhi, Goa and Mumbai, exploring the food scene in each city. I was recently invited along with other bloggers to not only meet her but also get to try out some of her signature appetizers paired with cocktails at the happening China House Lounge, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

Sarah demonstrated three appetizers, and chatted with us throughout the cooking session. It is her first trip to the country, but she has been oriented to Indian food by her partner’s family. She also spoke about her visit to Delhi and how she had meals at the iconic Kareem’s and the posh Indian Accent, both on the same day, both very different, but equally good. Sarah was shocked at the popularity of MasterChef in India, and how she’s been asked to click selfies by fans of the show everywhere she goes, even at the airport.

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