I’m a Hundred Posts Old

Gosh, how time flies! The blog is over a year old, and exactly a hundred posts in age. It feels like yesterday when a few close friends pushed me to start writing about food and share my passion for eating and writing with the world.

Finding time to blog so regularly has not been easy, especially with having a full time day job that takes up SO much of my time. But if you truly love doing something you’ll make time for it no matter what. Case in point – writing a blog post. And is you truly hate something you are going to procrastinate doing it  no matter what. Case in point – going to the gym. I’m glad I found two professions I enjoy being a part of. Both my passions – Audiology and Blogging, keep me happy and motivate me forwards.

I definitely want to do so much more with the blog, and give back to you readers who diligently read what I diligently write everyday. Along with the food and restaurant reviews that I’ve been putting up, and will continue to do so, there are a few more sections on the blog I plan to introduce. I’m kicked about this, and hope you’ll are too!

1. The ‘Sasta, Sundar, Tikao’ Section: Hidden gems, small hole-in-the-wall joints, and roadside stalls that deserve a mention as much as any five star restaurant does. The budget restaurants/ stalls and where to find them…you’ll find them here!

2. The Food Week That Was: I love doing a recap of what and where I’ve dined out the previous week. This column started as a one-off post, but has stayed on as a regular because I received such positive feedback for it.

3. Beauty Bites: I love writing the occasional beauty post. I spend a lot on beauty products, some of them are worth it, and most of them are not. I hope this column can help you’ll sift and find the good stuff too.

4. Recipes: The Lazy and Easy Version: I’m a lazy cook. I enjoy cooking but also look for the easier way out. And if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy reading the lazy, easy recipes. (Start off with Parsi Prawn Patio here).

Yaay! I am so excited. I hope I continue to give you’ll good content to read. Most importantly content and posts that are useful. If you’d like to see anything added (or subtracted) on the blog, I’d love to hear from you. Here’s to the next hundred posts….Cheers!

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