The Food Week That Was – Eating Away in Bandra

Back again, after a long hiatus, another episode of The Food Week That Was. The best (and the worst), of the meals that comprised my week. Featuring two Bandra restaurants this week – one old, and another new. Read on!

Eat Around the Corner Women’s Week Celebrations:

Even though, I’m against the whole concept of Women’s day, I made an exception to go celebrate Women’s Week with fellow women from the food industry at one of my favorite spots in Bandra – Eat Around the Corner (EATC).  EATC evokes happy memories the minute I step inside. Formerly known as Just Around The Corner, I’ve spent hours here sipping my coffee, piling on heaps of salad from their salad bar, and saving my pocket money so that I could splurge on their massive chocolate brownies. The look and the feel of the place has definitely changed from a youth-centric space to a far more mature target audience, but the food remains just the same. 

A couple of women food bloggers/ writers/ lovers met up to sample some of EATC’s latest dishes, and make tough decisions. We were entrusted with the task of having to select the two dishes that would go on their ‘Specials’ chalkboard. A portion of the sales of these dishes will go to two special charities – a women’s right NGO called SNEHA and the  Garhwal English Medium School (GEMS) in Mussoorie.

We tasted, reviewed and voted for our favorites. (The difficult tasks we are made to endure!) The first winner was a lovely Chicken Quesadilla – the Mexican staple filled with chunks of chicken accompanied by a tangy salsa that I loved. The second winner were deliciously grilled chicken breasts served with some steamed veggies and wasabi mash on the side. The chicken breasts were moist and well seasoned, forcing me to vote for it. An unusual dish that satisfies on both the taste and health fronts. I particularly loved the sauce served along with the chicken, albeit wished there was more of it.

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Steamed Veggies and Wasabi Mash
Chicken Quesadillas

All the ingredients for a perfect meal were fulfilled that night – perfect food, perfect company and conversation. Do go try these dishes off EATC’s chalkboard. They are not only delicious, but you’re also getting a chance to do your bit for a cause. Also do not leave without trying their desserts. The Mars Bar Cheesecake gets my vote!

Mars Bar Cheesecake
Baked Yogurt

(The  author was invited for the EATC Women’s Week celebration, and dined there on invitation).

Eat Thai, Bandra

I mourned the loss of Thai Ban in Bandra for weeks after it shut down. My introduction to Thai flavors during my childhood, was courtesy this nondescript Pali Hill eatery that continued to serve value for money Thai food well into my adulthood. They recently shut shop and were replaced by another Thai restaurant that promises a modern twist to the staples – Eat Thai.

Weeks after they opened, I decided to pay a visit without any biases or letting my feelings for Thai Ban come in the way. Started by the same owners as Please Don’t Tell in Lower Parel, and judging by how much fun that place is, I was hoping to have a gala time at Eat Thai too.  

I decided to ignore the exposed brick walls and exposed cable wires that every second restaurant cropping up seems to be adorning nowadays. I focused on the menu that covers a variety of typical Thai appetizers, mains, and all day dining options with typical Thai names for the dishes that can be quite tongue twisting.

I loved my Cha Nom Khimuk (Rs. 175/-) which was a refreshing Thai iced tea, with some condensed milk and tapioca pearls. ‘Boba’ or bubble iced tea is a Taiwanese innovation now famous all over South East Asia. Eat Thai is one of the only places in the city where you can get a decent bubble iced tea, so I’d strongly recommend you get this. Our Phak Bua Krob (Rs. 250/-) may sound obscene but tastes delicious. The lotus stem was crisped to perfection and tossed in a spicy chindian type of sauce, making it a dish perfectly suited to the Indian palate. 

Cha Nom Khimuk
Phak Bua Krob

Our Horapha Tha Prik Haw Mown Khai (Rs. 250/-) was an egg burjee wrap where an overpowering basil flavor was what provided the Thai twist. The portion size was tiny, and the accompanying sauce tasted like it had come out of a packaged bottle. Skip this! The ‘Eat Thai Burger Je’ (Rs. 350/-) fell apart in our hands as I picked it up. With zero Thai seasoning to speak of, this was disappointing even by regular burger standards. Also, I deducted points for serving me wafers on the side. Fries or wedges dusted with some Thai spices would’ve been nicer.

Eat Thai Burger Je
Horapha Tha Prik Haw Mown Khai

We ordered a couple more dishes too, but by now I was too annoyed to be bothered to click pictures or remember names of what we ate. Overall, Eat Thai has an equal number of hits and misses. The food is decently priced and we ended up paying barely Rs 600/- or so per head. Don’t go expecting a lot, and you won’t end up leaving disappointed. I on the other hand left with a heavy heart, reminiscing Thai Ban even more.

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own meal.)

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