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Buying a good perfume usually involves compromising on either your budget, or the quality of the scent. The really good fragrances from really good brands don’t come cheap without pinching your pocket. Most of the relatively inexpensive ones can make you end up smelling of beets. (I’m quoting Phoebe from that episode of FRIENDS. Remember?) Looking for a trade-off between a good quality fragrance and the price? All Good Scents may be the answer!

I found the All Good Scents website when I ordered and reviewed the MSM box. (What is the MSM box? Click here to find out). All Good Scents is an online store that retails fragrances for men and women, under their label. Most of their fragrances fall in the price bracket of Rs. 750-1500/-, which is extremely reasonable in my opinion. Their fragrances are all made in France and are not tested on animals, which is a huge plus point for me. I ordered the Chic Eau de Toilette from their Esssential range recently, and here is what I liked and disliked about my overall experience.

The ‘Wow’ Factors:

1. The ScentBox: How do you buy a fragrance online without trying it out first? The first doubt that popped into my head until I read about the ScentBox. It contains three sample sizes of the perfumes you’d like to try. So you select the fragrances you’ve been eyeing, try them out, and then decide if you’d like to buy the full size or not. At Rs. 55/- for a sample size, I personally think it’s a really good way to try their perfume line out.

2. The ScentFinder: The site has this game, that helps narrow down which fragrance from their line may work for you. When I  played it, I was suggested to try the Chic EDT. And that’s what I did!

3. Delivery and Packaging: They offer shipping within 48 hours, so your fragrance reaches home in a few days. Also the order came in a sturdy box which was double packed with foam bits and tons of bubble wrap. It’s a glass bottle after all and how sturdily it’s packed makes a huge difference.

4. The Fragrance: I was really impressed with how good it smelt. It reminded me a bit of a scent I have used in the past, but I can’t seem to narrow down which one it was. It’s really long lasting too. I have been using it at work since the past few days, and it lasts the entire day without me having to re-spray. The fragrance is woody, musky yet sweet. I like that it’s not floral and I’m glad with the choice that I made. 

Each fragrance on the website is described based on it’s top notes, heart notes, and base notes which is basically how the fragrance will smell immediately on application, after half an hour, and after a few hours respectively. Learnt something new today!

5. Easy on the Pocket: The 50 ml. EDT was priced at Rs. 750/- which I  think is an absolute steal for the quality of the product. All the products are similarly priced between Rs 750-1500 which is extremely reasonable. It’s totally worth it, especially if you’re looking at buying a fragrance for daily wear. 

The ‘Ow’ Factors:

1. The bottle has a slightly simple and flimsy look to it. Would’ve loved to see a fancier looking bottle and box. But no major complaints here.

2. Most fragrances are available in the 50 ml. EDT range, so if you’re looking for a bigger bottle, your options are limited.

Overall, these were minor grouses. Looking at the big picture here, I really enjoyed my fragrance and I’m thrilled with how it smells. They have a men’s range too, and I’m considering trying that out too. All Good Scents definitely attempts to bridge the gap between good quality scents without pinching your pocket. Hoping, they achieve what they have set out to do.

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