Unboxing Happiness – My Top Five Picks From HappinessBoxed.com

Gone are the days when scouting for gifts meant going to your nearest Archies or Hallmark outlet. Gone are the days when reasons for gifting were limited to birthdays or anniversaries. The occasions have multiplied, and so has the need for customized gifts. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift that is personalized? Something that belongs only to you, and depicts the amount of thought that has gone behind the gift.

During a recent quest for a personalized gift for a loved one, I stumbled upon a new gifting site – Happiness Boxed #ClickOpenSmile. The webstore is the brainchild of Vidhi Pansari, who at the age of 21 decided to stray away from the conventional career route and start her own gifting venture. With a lot of gifting vendors and brands under the label, she plans to make Happiness Boxed, a one-stop-shop for personalized gifting needs. The store currently has a host of dessert options such as cookies with messages on them, whoopee cushions, edible soil, custom cupcakes, and more. The gifting section has some fun stuff like custom Taboo cards, household items, and dreamcatchers, that are so hard to find! They also do personalized hampers and gifts depending on the occasion, which I think is perfect for the lazy shopper!

Having rummaged through the entire site, I shortlisted some really fun and interesting products that I would definitely want to gift someone. Or receive as a gift. Either way, here are my top five picks from the Happiness Boxed site.


1. Minion Cake Pops by The CPC

Find them here

Even dessert has not been spared by the ongoing minion obsession, and I am not complaining one bit. These absolutely adorable minion cake pops will make you think twice before biting their heads off.  

Get It For – Someone who is one in a minion!

Budget Bites – Rs. 600/- for a set of 10.

2. Alcohol Bottle Sheeshas by 10 am

Find them here

Combining the best of both vices, the alcohol bottle sheeshas make for the perfect house warming present. And I personally have been looking for that Jack Daniels bottle sheesha since ages. 

Get It For – Your cool bestie, who wants to have his hookah and drink it too!

Budget Bites – Rs. 2000/- Price may vary depending on customization needs.

3. Cookie Shot Glasses by The Mad Batter

Find them here

Have you always wanted to down a shot and then chomp down the shot glass too? No? Only me then? These super cool cookie shot glasses are perfect to drink your milk in, if you are a teetotaler. Or else, get adventurous and do Baileys shots in them!

Get It For – Your fussy kid who refuses to drink his daily dose of milk.

Budget Bites – Rs. 260/- for a set of four

4. Black Coloured DreamCatcher by Eleganza

Find it here

I confess. I have always wanted a dream catcher ever since I read the Twilight series. I love this black and pink dream catcher, because of it’s intricacy and unusual design. It’s like the Inception version of a DreamCatcher. It’ll guaranteed look beautiful dangling above your bed, or in the frame of your door. No guarantee on Edward Cullen coming to kiss you in the middle of the night, however.

Get It For – Your mum. It will make for a beautiful Mother’s Day or birthday gift. You can always ‘borrow’ it from her later.

Budget Bites – Rs. 1500/- Prices for DreamCatchers vary depending on design.

5. Personalized Coffee Mugs by Happiness Boxed

Find it here

Because who drinks coffee in regular, boring mugs anymore? I have been a fan of personalized coffee mugs since a while now, and I decided to get myself a ‘Branded Bawi’ coffee mug for my workplace, and I think I’ll get myself another one for home.

Get It For – Yourself. To make afternoon coffee sessions at the workplace a lot more fun. 

Budget Bites – Rs. 450/- each

For more products, check out their website www.happinessboxed.com

Use the code zeniahb10 on check-out at the Happiness Boxed site, to avail a 10% discount on your order. Valid only till 31st August, for the first ten readers.

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