Branded Bawi’s Blogiversary: Giveaway

Yaay! I’ve turned one! Okay, not really. I’m a lot older than that. But the blog, my baby, my labor of love turned one. What started off as a random experiment on a bored Valentine’s Day alone at home, has grown and nurtured into what it is today. The blog was supposed to be my personal diary, my documentation of the things I eat and the people I meet. It’s come a long way since then. Looking back I did not expect so much love and support from all my readers, and I thank you all from the core of my heart. Juggling a tiring, full time day job, yet making time to eat out, come back home and blog about it is not easy. It is only you, dear readers who have pushed me forward, encouraging me to do so. *wipes a silent tear*

Here I am, running a simple contest on the blog on this occasion, trying to give back to you’ll. I’ll announce three winners and send them a foodie bag each, which I’ll hand pick and send over some of my favorite goodies. But remember each one of you’ll is a winner for me. #OscarSpeech #Cheesy #MustStopNow

Since, it’s the occasion of Valentine’s Day, which is the (over-hyped IMHO) festival of love, I’d like to celebrate the one thing we all love the most… Food! Here is my question….*Drum roll*

Q. If you could eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Leave your answers as a comment in the comments section below.


  • Contest open only to residents of Mumbai. (Unless you’re feeling generous and want to send someone in Mumbai city a gift).
  • Don’t forget to like my Facebook page here and follow me on twitter here. (If you aren’t following me already, that is).
  • The contest is not open to my family members. (Mom, masi, fui you’ll can take part, but you’ll ain’t gonna win).
  • The decision of the management will be final. (I have always wanted to write this line).

Go ahead, start commenting. And have fun. Ultimately it’s all for the love of food.

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  1. I'd eat the Malpoa served at KDAH. Not because it tastes fab (it doesn't!) but because I'd eat it all my life just to re-live those beautiful times spent with my then colleagues and now life-lines. I know I have a winning answer but shit! I can't participate because I consider myself family. Sigh:(

  2. Congratulations!!! Good job!

    I would eat mutton curry and rice! Maybe that's because I'm truly an Indian at heart. Or because I've just recently started enjoying the magic of mutton. Mutton in all its myraid forms and yummy curries is really enticing my imagination . Also , some kachumber at the side with lots of onions will be brilliant.

    So many curries, such little time.

  3. Food is in variety and lot of them yummy, from mummy's hand made food to our favorite dishes in various restaurants.
    I probably might have 2 of my favorite food items.

    1. My mom's handmade curry chawal :
    Nothing like it! From the aroma while she is preparing to the taste when she serves them. It is something I've eaten four days in a row by constantly heating and re-heating. Not only that, if I'm lucky, she'll add chicken, prawns and boiled eggs too.

    My second favorite item is something I've eaten just twice in my life and only one person who i've known can prepare this dish. Its Ham par eedu!Yes! Ham!

    We Parsis love all our bhaajis ni saathe eedas but her ham par eedu is something out of the world. Sigh. The tinned ham cut into pieces of various sizes with lots of coriander and chillis and bell peppers topped with an egg. Sigh, i've only got to eat this twice. But i remember the first time I had it and its something I can have my entire life. 🙂

  4. Hey Zenia, Congratulations at first on your first bloggiversary! The only food item which I can eat throughout my life is Maggi. Yes, that's right Maggi! It's my favourite and possibly every Mumbaikars staple diet too! Maggi is awesome in every form ( Original, Veggie, Egg, Chicken, Mutton or be it seafood) My tastebuds always crave for it. So all in all to sum up, my favourite food item is Maggi. I'm sure must be yours too. Maggi, Maggi, Maggi ( Okay, now ill stop that) Best Wishes for the upcoming food content on your blog, waiting to explore more via brandedbawis blog. Happy Blogging!

  5. For me the one dish that I can eat all my life is the dal chawal.. I have had the pleasure of eating at some of the best places in the country and abroad. But end of the day I've realised its the dal chawal I crave for. So for me its this dish. If I can have papad along with with majaa nee life

  6. Dal (moong and tur mixed) and chawal (kola or basmati). A lightly spiced dal- chawal (cumin seeds, black salt, lemon, ghee) is my idea of comfort food. Food for belly and soul!! Just like simple upma dish can win Masterchef US, I will win this contest!! 🙂

  7. This might be super tricky for a lot of people but it's extremely easy for me. I just need Chinese stir fry noodles and I'll be happy for the rest of my life. I don't need home made love or childhood memories or anything that evokes warm fuzzy feelings. I need real hard core flavour and ingredients. Nothing is more satisfying than a Chinese style stir fry and noodles are my weakness so I'd have to pick this. I've also lived on this for a week so it's been tried and tested.. I could have gone on for longer but then again there is so much to eat so I gave in and expanded my meals but yep I ate chinese noodle stir fry everyday for a week 🙂 #soproud #tinyandhernoodles

  8. Hi zenia aka branded bawi. Firstly, many congratulations to u on finishing a year of ur blog entries. I am a huge follower of ur reviews on ur blog and on zomato. I love how you give so much detail about the places u visit. Keep up the wonderful work. Coming to the contest, which is a very very tough question. My dad Is a gujju and mom is a madras and hence in our place we have a cocktail of cultures which is why maa cooks a lot of different varieties of food. Although the one dish that comes to mind is medu vada with sambar n chutney. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the most simplest thing my mom cooks. There is something magical in her hands. I have tried making the same dish with the same ingredients and method. But I have never gotten it as perfect as she does it. I wish someday I can master the art of cooking like she has. Okay, I better stop coz I can go on and on about her style of cooking. Hope I win. Fingers crossed xx

  9. Congratzzzzzzzz Branded Bawiii
    My answer to ur question is @ sizzlin hot choclate brownie wid vanilla icecream.. N the reason for choosin this is my luv fr choclate.. n also the fact that choclate is one that dat one wldnt mind eatin in any mood .. good or bad .. whthr one is alone or has company .. infct any form of choclate .. b it a bar .. passteryy .. icecream .. hot choco .. eatin any of this brings a smile on my face .. choc is d besssst.. deeply thank the prsn who invented it ???

  10. Congratulations Zenia! Its great to know that one year has passed. honestly, you have been a great inspiration to me for my own blog. Stay blessed Branded Bawi always. Ok now for the contest:
    If we ar talking about the rest of my life… I'd take a choice of a good mutton biryani or the chicken berry pulao served at Britannia. Mutton Biryani because I love a goof spicy affair thats finger licking good ( because you always eat biryani with your hands) with the plumpness and cushiony mutton pieces… love it the way mum cooks it. However, from the day I have tasted the chicken berry pulao at Britannia it becomes a part of the "food you can have all the time" list. It's the berries that give it "that" twist that nothing else can. Chicken Berry Pulao was my first love in Bombay and well… I can literally have it all the time (when i refuse to think about calories that is :p ). These are two of mine- because I juggle between home and mumbai.

  11. Hi Zenia, congratulations darling. Love your blog.
    Does your answer have to be just what I love to 'eat' for the rest of my life?
    can it be drink….?
    Then its got to be my morning cup of pudhna ni chai! Well ,what's so special about that? It's made and served by my most romantic and dotting husband the first thing when I open my eyes to the morning sun.
    Could I ask for anything more! ?

  12. Wow. As I am a lover of ice cream, I can have it morning noon and night. Its sweet and yummy, with the option of different flavours. Nutritious I suppose as there is milk in it. However I will need to run an extra mile to burn off the suger consumed by me. Congrats on yr Blogiversary. Mummy Loves you Zeenie baby

  13. George's (the eatery in Poona) Biryani rice + Butter Chicken. It's also the meal I would choose to eat last before I die. I know it sounds silly and really simple, but I'm obsessed with it. Really, really obsessed.

  14. Well Congratulations!
    One thing that I can literally eat for the rest of my life is salads preferably from @justunjunk (ok now that's self endorsement of my own food start-up) but check out the below mentioned 4 reasons that gets me seduced with a Salad. Frankly I never tasted salads before I got into my own healthy food venture, but while played with ingredients all this while, salads can be one of the sexiest food creations ever both to eat and to make:
    1) The ever fresh and crisp raw ingredients right from garden greens to sprouts
    2) the dressing to perfectly compliment the ingredients
    3) the fruit – sweet surprise bursting out the raw juice while you bite them
    4) crunch – drop in some croutons or soya sticks!

    Now you know why salads are sooo sexxxyyy!!!

  15. Congratulations to my three winners:
    1. Supriya Shetty – for the 'fastest finger' answer
    2. Sneha Satam – for the 'most romantic' answer
    3. Gunmeher – for having the same answer as I would. Biryani it is for me too!
    Congratulations, to all three. Please email me your details on so that I can send your prizes over to you soon.

  16. The Ragda Pattice that I used to have practically daily at school (at my school recess – Anza school Byculla)
    It was only 75 paise for a huge bowl, but the taste still lingers (and I have never had anything like that after that)
    OK this was about half a century ago (that explains the 75 paise) and I am no more in Bombay so maybe not eligible for the prize, but what the heck memories are memories 🙂

  17. Thanks for sharing that with me. I love how food has the power to evoke so many memories. I remembered the Ragda Pattice I would eat in Santacruz market with my granny as a child. 🙂

  18. Thanks for sharing that with me. I love how food has the power to evoke so many memories. I remembered the Ragda Pattice I would eat in Santacruz market with my granny as a child. 🙂

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