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Blogging For Kids Under 13: Advantages and Disadvantages

I have been wanting to write this letter since a while. But the fear of getting embroiled in controversy – which I seem to have a knack of doing so – kept me quiet. But experience has taught me one thing, for every ten people who support you and love what you do, there will be that one person who will try and pull you down. You’ve got to take in in your stride, learn from the criticism and walk on.

It seems to have become a fad to hate food bloggers, diss what they do on social media, and criticize their work in private. Some of the stuff out there deserves to be criticized, but some bloggers work hard to do what they do. This is a heartfelt letter, but in no way am I representing the community. 

Blogging For Kids Under 13: Advantages and Disadvantages
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Dear haters/ trolls,

Anyone who writes for a living, or as a hobby, will tell you one thing…writing isn’t easy. For every good post that is churned out, there are hours spent staring at a blank screen not knowing what to put out there. Some of us work hard to generate content. For some of us writing may not come easy. But we try.

It is your decision to read what we post. Feel free to click on the red cross on the top right hand of your screen. Feel free not to click on the link that I post on social media to gain readership. I will write what I like, it is your choice to read it or not.

Yes, the food blogging situation has become dismal. But not all of us are free loaders. Not all of us are doing it for one free meal at a restaurant. For some blogging is their career. They make a living out of writing on their blog, or for other publications. For some of us, including me, blogging is simply a hobby. A hobby that thrills us to such an extent that we stay awake at night pondering over what to write next. And sadly for some of us, blogging has become a means of making a quick buck, attaining a fast road to fame. From the latter part of my community, a sincere heartfelt apology. 
Yes the free meals are a perk that comes with being a food blogger. Similarly are free branded clothes, free beauty products, free gadgets, free travel. You get what I am hinting at.

Dear upcoming food bloggers,

For anyone who has just started to blog, I only ask one question, ‘why do you want to do this?’ If you are getting into this because you think it’s going to be an easy road to becoming a celeb on social media, or for free meals at restaurants that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford….then it saddens me. Write about food because it’s a passion. Reading about new cuisines, trying new dishes, experimenting in the kitchen is something that gives you a high!

Your blog is your identity. Please put up content that you’ll feel proud of. It is okay to make mistakes. Hell, even the best of bloggers have done that. It is okay to not know everything. If you did, you would be a judge on Masterchef Australia. But try and gain the maximum that you can. Read up recipes and cuisines on google. Travel and eat new dishes to understand world cuisine. If you cannot, the city of Mumbai has enough to offer. Experiment in the kitchen. Only when you cook, you will realize how difficult it is. It will make you humble, and think twice before criticizing a cook at a restaurant you go to review.

Please do not blackmail restaurants into giving you a free meal. Do not force them to pay you to publish a review.  If they say no plus ones allowed, respect that. Write consistently, and write well. There will be a time invitations will flood your inbox, and you’ll have to refuse more invites than you accept.

Most importantly, let us support each other. Help each other to grow, cherish and learn.

Dear PR Professionals,

I honestly have no major grouse from you guys. I have met some wonderful folks, and made some lovely friends among the PR companies I have worked with. We must remember one thing though. Respect. We share a symbiotic relationship. We bloggers must respect you, but only if you’ll respect us back,

Do not address mails to me with the incorrect name. (I know there are a lot of Bawi bloggers, and the confusion tends to arise). Do not invite us for events with less than 24 hours notice. It makes me feel like I am a last minute filler in your guest list. Give us time to write a blogpost. Some of us are balancing multiple careers and we may require time.

I apologize on behalf of some members of my community who go back on their contract and do not adhere to the terms that were decided on. Not all of us are like that.

Dear Readers,

For any blogger, the greatest joy they can have is watching a post they have worked hard on gain mileage. Thank you guys for reading what we churn out and loving what we write. In case you don’t love what is written….tell us. Feedback – positive or negative – is what keeps us going. Appreciation or criticism, both help a person to learn. 

If some of our posts are promoted, or via invite it is our duty to inform you so that you are not misguided. Your trust and readership is very important to us. We are, because you are.

Lastly, this letter comes from the heart. In no way was it meant to offend anyone. Blogging has given me so much. It provided me direction and passion at a time when I was down in the dumps. The joy and elation when people know you as ‘Branded Bawi’, and not as ‘Zenia Irani’ cannot be described. By writing this open letter, I am only trying to give back.

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  1. Always love reading your blog and following your recommendations…and they've always been spot on!
    So please keep on writing, I so look forward to reading them.
    In fact when you don't put up anything for a while I kinda miss it.
    Keep going.
    You're doing a great job!

  2. I so agree with that 24 hour notice part. But eh, you know that good advice never permeates bad ears. There will sadly be a lot of "bloggers" who will continue to dilute our community with their suspicious craft and questionable practices.

    But I guess that as long as well written bloggers continue to exist as bright stars, the collective median of our community will always be high. So continue to be the star that you are and as always well written 🙂

  3. Thank you for reading this. Most importantly thank you for agreeing with what I've written.
    Personally, looking at the current state of things saddens me. Blogging is reduced to instagram posts and now recently snapchat updates. No one wants to write anymore!
    Also anyone with a smart phone and a penchant for eating out can become a blogger now. It doesn't matter if they've never made a cup of tea in their life. Sadly to become a food blogger especially of the restaurant review category, no special skills are needed. The quality and content has taken a toss. But then there are the few good men left – bloggers like you who give me some hope. Keep writing….even if you feel no one is reading!

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