Three Reasons to Dine at Olive Bistro, Goregaon

It’s sad how scarce the fine dine options get once you travel past Andheri. The launch of Olive Bistro in Goregaon’s Oberoi Mall serves as an oasis in the middle of a scorched desert. It is a breath of fresh air to Mumbai residents who live beyond the Andheri Line Of Control. Why should SoBo-ites have all the fun?

Olive Bistro (OB), is the modern, casual bistro version of Bandra’s Olive Bar and Kitchen that arrives in Mumbai after making a mark in Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi. The vibe here is fun, quirky and a contrast of colour as opposed to the white washed older sibling, that is Olive. The food here is comforting, deli fare with modern elements. I spent a Sunday afternoon there leisurely checking out the place, tasting the menu, and enjoying what Olive Bistro has to offer. It was a perfectly beautiful Sunday brunch – how Sunday brunches should be. Here are three reasons why you should consider checking out Olive Bistro –

1. Looks Do Matter

The minute you walk through the glass paneled walls that separate OB from the pandemonium of the mall, get prepared to be taken aback by how beautifully the space has been done up. You’ll be greeted by an old matador van, spruced up by graffiti, which will serve as a space to dole out live pizzas from. Then there’s that spectacular looking chandelier made out of pretty bone china plates that you can’t help but ogle at while secretly hoping a plate doesn’t land on your head during dinner.

Sabina Singh’s eye for detail is evident in the quirky knick knacks, and vibrant colour scheme that she has put together. The retro theme is evident via the mosaic flooring, and a bright jukebox that sits happily in a corner. As a child, I have always fantasized about what it must be like for Alice in her wonderland. The decor at OB will leave you feeling like you’ve entered some fantasy world from your favorite story book. Only if I had the Mad Hatter for company.

2. Great Grub. Meh Mocktails

I am a huge fan of simple deli fare – salads, grills, sandwiches, burgers, light mains. And places that serve all day breakfast. OB does both! 

The problem with commenting about restaurants before they launch, is that they are still going through teething problems, and fine tuning dishes to get them right. No alcohol license yet, meant no cocktails, and meant having to sip on some pretty but lackluster mocktails. The Kiwi Apple Delight (Kiwi + Green apple & lime + crushed ice) ensures a guaranteed brain freeze, and the ice is so chunky that it got impossible for us to sip it through a straw. The Citrus Cooler (Grenadine + orange + pineapple + soda) was far too tart owing the taste to the excess grenadine syrup in the drink. Try the Italian Job (muddled mandarin + basil + cranberry + orange juice) that will make you crave for a beach vacation with every sip.

Citrus Cooler
(Left to Right): Italian Job and Kiwi Apple Delight

Must Try on the menu are the Glazed Pork Spare Ribs that fall right off the bone without any struggle and come coated in a sticky, spiced BBQ- pineapple sauce that won’t make you feel guilty for licking your fingers clean. 

Unconventional ‘Bread Basket’
Glazed Pork Spare Ribs

OB’s Chicken Espetada are succulently moist, well flavoured chicken skewers that leave you wishing you had a pint of beer by your side to enjoy these beauties. The Grilled Lemon Garlic Prawns on Skewers were another hit. Give me a well cooked, well seasoned prawn on a stick, and I am a fan! Another spectacular prawn dish was the King Prawn with Herb Gnocchi, where the well cooked crustacean sits like a king atop a buttery, soft gnocchi.

OB’s Chicken Espetada
Grilled Lemon Garlic Prawns on Skewers
King Prawn with Herb Gnocchi

Take a chance with the Smoked Reshampatti Chilly and Orange Marinated Grilled Chicken. Bang on flavors, a silky sauce, but unfortunately a chicken breast that was overdone. Guess it was a one time thing because people on the other table raved about the same dish.

Smoked Reshampatti Chilly and Orange Marinated Grilled Chicken

Avoid The Dirty BLT – a twist on a regular BLT. Here the bacon is crumb fried, making the meat dry and lose it’s delicious meaty taste. It desperately needs some extra dousing of a sauce – the entire sandwich was far too try. Consider ordering another sandwich or burger though, for the presentation atop a wooden board, complete with jars of mustard and ketchup, and delicious coleslaw plus wedges on the side.

The Dirty BLT

3. The Price is Right

The final and most important aspect of a good meal is that it should give your money’s worth. The pricing at the Olive Bistro is spot on – non vegetarian appetizers priced at approximately Rs 300, and mains at approximately Rs 400. It is delicious food without pinching a gaping hole in your pocket, priced much lower than the older sibling, Olive is. 

The correct pricing coupled with it’s location in the suburbs where there is a dearth of such fun and fine eateries, is what will make Olive Bistro work in my opinion.

Olive Bistro, Oberoi Mall, Film City Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai.
Follow: @OliveBistroBbay on Twitter and Instagram

(The author was invited to preview Olive Bistro. The views are unbiased and completely her own).

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