A Parcel from Peroni

What is better than receiving a surprise? Receiving a surprise at the end of a long, harrowing, tired day where you want nothing more to curl up in front of the television with a bottle of beer. The wonderful folks at Peroni, India made that come true. I came home to find the most wonderful parcel waiting for me.

Surprise Surprise!
Unveiling my ‘Mystery Box’

The box contained two bottles of Peroni beer and two of the loveliest engraved beer glasses.

My favorites in the box were the bottles of Italian sun-dried tomatoes and the olive oil. Both of which went into the pasta I am eating tonight as I type this out. Sun dried tomatoes make everything taste good….pastas, pizzas, bruschetta, and more.

There were also these tiny mini snacks; puff pastry filled with clotted cream. They brought back childhood memories of cream scones I would eat from Pune’s bakeries.

Peroni is one of Italy’s most famous contributions to the culinary scene. It is Italy’s second best selling lager and has quite a fan base in India. And they’ve made a fan out of me too!

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