Unburden Your Health – A Resolution for 2019.

I cannot help but strongly agree with what the poet W.H. Davies says here. Our fast paced lives are indeed beginning to take a toll on our health. Extremely long work hours and erratic schedules leads to lack of exercise, irregular meal times and improper diet. Work stress and fatigue means that the individual is both physically and mentally at risk for a break down. Coupled with environmental hazards such as pollution around us and the chemicals we put in our bodies, we are literally sitting on a ticking time bomb waiting to explode!

Importance of early diagnosis

The old saying – Prevention is better than cure – holds true in today’s world. It is a known fact that early detection of a health related condition leads to early intervention and in return a better prognosis for recovery. It is easier to nip a problem in the bud then try and eliminate it after it has grown into a fully bloomed problem. There are innumerable studies that emphasize on the importance of early identification of a medical condition, which improves recovery rate and prevents the spread of disease.

This holds true for a number of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, polycystic ovarian disorder in women, thyroid disorders and many more. Even in my professional opinion as a full-time clinical audiologist, we stress on the importance of regular testing and early diagnosis of hearing loss in both the pediatric and geriatric population. This in turn enables us to fit the patient with hearing aids or implantable devices early on, in turn improving their benefit with the devices.


Realising the importance of early detection and intervention, the team at Suburban Diagnostics has introduced a series of preventive health check-up options at their various outlets across the state. They offer a variety of tailor made packages, each comprising of a series of essential medical tests that one can chose based on the individual’s age, requirement and budget. Tests range from pathology – blood and urine testing, cardiology and radiology along with other value added tests such as vision and hearing assessment.

My experience at Suburban Diagnostics Centre

I landed up at the Suburban Diagnostics Centre closest to my home, bright and early one morning. I had pre-booked my appointment on their helpline the previous day, and the gentleman on the phone gave me detailed dos and don’ts for my test tomorrow. After I filled up my details on a form, and waited for a short while, I was ushered in for my blood test. The technician was well-trained and kept me at ease throughout the test. (She also asked me not to click any pictures, so as to maintain the privacy of the other patients.) I received my test reports the very same day via email and a SMS on my phone, making the entire process seamless and efficient.
I was so pleased with the entire process and outcome, I’ve decided to undergo regular health check ups now and ensure my loved ones do the same as well. As the folks at Suburban say, ‘With preventive check-ups, you #UnburdenYourHealth today, so you live worry free tomorrow.’

You can read more about Suburban Diagnostic’s #UnburdenYourHealth initiative on their website here.

(This blogpost was done in association with Suburban Diagnostics. As always, the views are unbiased and my own.)

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  1. Will check out their website. We need a authenticated lab for regular check ups, and for some reasons, my trust has been shaken over the years from many high end labs too. Will give it a look.

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