Not Just An Ordinary Cafe

Two Versova based Cafes go above and beyond the conventional ‘Cafe’ definition, to provide experiences unlike anything else.

Mumbai has embraced the Cafe culture whole heartedly since over a decade now. But the average diner is now looking for a lot more than simply a coffee and a couch. Both the places which I’m going to discuss today are favourites – each for a different reason. Both these places will ensure you walk out with so much more than just a coffee in your system, or some food in your belly.

1. Leaping Windows Library and Cafe

Leaping Windows is a one-of-a-kind comic book library that houses an impressive cafe that doles out some delicious food. The entire space at Leaping Windows has posters, drawings and comic book memorabilia adorning the walls – you’ll never feel like you’re eating alone here. The basement houses an impressive collection of comic books, graphic novels, and manga – a treasure trove in a city like Mumbai where libraries are so hard to find. What I love is that you can drop by anytime, pay a nominal charge to use their reading room, and surround yourself in the magical world of comic books. 

The food is the dark horse and has left me impressed every time I’ve dined here. I remember eating a delicious Grilled chicken with Cranberries one Christmas here, and it remains one of the best Christmas meals I’ve ever eaten. Their menu spans the predictable burgers, sandwiches, mains route, but it’s their all-day breakfast menu which deserves your attention. Come here one Sunday in your PJs, nibble on some French Toast, and read a comic book on the side. Voila, your childhood is back!

Check out their website here for more information on the library, membership plans, and cafe.

2. Cat Cafe Studio

Matilda runs around friskily around our feet as we sip on our iced teas. In the mean time, Clint Eastwood has decided to stretch himself all over my purse and indulge in a little snooze fest. Kiki eyes us longingly from her spot at the entrance, hoping to attract some attention her way. There is never a dull moment at Cat Cafe Studio. Well how can there be, with fifteen cats and two dogs sharing the same room as you.

Cat Cafe Studio started off as a small space that housed rescue cats and the occasional dog. The studio then decided to open their doors to ‘hoomans’, inviting them to share a cup of tea with the cats, spend some quality time with them and open their hearts out to these furry creatures along the way. The ultimate aim at Cat Cafe Studio is adoption – to be able to find the cats a forever home. But along that route the wonderful folks here are helping us to understand these creatures better, love them, play with them, and nibble on a muffin while you do all of that. ALL proceeds from the Cafe and merchandise sale go towards the care of these beautiful creatures. 

Find more information on Cat Cafe Studio and the work they do on their Facebook page here.

What I love about both these spaces is that it gives me hope for our younger generation. A generation that can still open their eyes to the joy of reading, helping them imagine a magical world that exists only in comic book land. A generation that can provide love and comfort to our furry friends who inhabit this world along with us, enabling us to become more sensitive and caring along the way. In a city like Mumbai, cafes such as these are a dream come true and deserve to be cherished with all our hearts.

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