The Food Week That Was – Someplace Old and Someplace New

I was on a self-imposed diet last week. Which basically meant I was out every day of the week, stuffing my face with food. Gee, thank you Mr. Murphy. Last week I re-visited an old favourite restaurant, dined at someplace new, and discovered a wonderful, healthy home delivery service. Read on for all the scoop:

Mighty Small Cafe, Lower Parel

I had been to the Mighty Small Cafe in January when they launched, and fell in love with the adorable carnival themed cafe that sits snuggled inside Smaaash. It’s the perfect place to entertain children and those who are children at heart! The food menu criss crosses over a variety of cuisines and small plates, with the aim of food being fun.

Disco Idlis

I returned back last week and snacked on my favourite Disco Idlis – mini idlis that come generously spiced, fun Chilli Cheese Lollipops, and an addictive Koliwada popcorn chicken. I also remember really loving their Appams with Chicken Ghee Roast the last time I dined here. I also remember thinking, ‘what an unlikely place to get such delicious appams.’ I absolutely love their ginormous shakes from the Big Fat Treats Dessert Bar. Who can say no to a Nutella + Banana + Peanut Butter + Pretzel shake? The Mighty Small does fun, non pretentious food and serves up meals that are in synch with their location. Game of bowling with Pull Apart Cheese Bread, anyone?

Koliwada Popcorn Chicken
Thick Shakes
Mini Cupcakes

Dishkiyaaon, BKC

Yet another fun all day diner cum bar launched in the Capital Building, BKC last week. The quirky theme extends beyond the name into the decor, which includes phone booths, carousel horses, and a bathtub in the center of the space. Drunk selfies, anyone? The food and the tipples are a fun fusion of east meets west. Progressive Indian cuisine is indeed the new black!

Vada Pao Salad with the MMM

The bar offerings are definitely the highlight at Dishkiyaoon. Try the MMM – a delicious Malibu and fruit juice based cocktail, the Kalakhatta Daiquiri – self explanatory, and the Banaras to Bombay – a thandai and rum based cocktail. While Dishkiyaoon scores full marks on the alcohol report card, the food report card has an equal share of passes and fails. On the non-vegetarian front, we enjoyed the Tandoori Squid Salad with smokey, non-rubbery pieces of squid and the piquant, slow cooked Pork Vindaloo that came along with Goan Poi. Most of the vegetarian paneer dishes I tried were a tad bit on the sweeter side for my liking – something I wouldn’t order again. I’d go back to Dishkiyaoon only for a drink, the fun vibe of the place, and the foot tapping music. To eat, I’d go elsewhere in the building.

Tandoori Squid Salad
KalaKhatta Daiquiri

InnerChef’s Ready to Eat Meals

I am perpetually on the prowl for new food delivery options that can make lunch time at the office easier. Plus points if the food’s home cooked and/or healthy. InnerChef scores high on the second point, where everything on the menu from their farm fresh salads to paninis are made fresh daily.

Chicken Booster Combo

It’s a pity that they don’t deliver to Bandra yet, because their salad + panini combos make for a hearty and delicious meal. InnerChef scores high on the fun, sturdy packaging that makes for a welcome change from the styrofoam / plastic boxes that is a mandate with most delivery companies. The panini bread did not turn crumbly inspite of it sitting out for two hours before I ate it, the filling was generous and thankfully not slathered in mayo! 

Indulge by InnerChef is their home baker section which is what you should check out if you’re in the mood to ‘indulge’. They sent over this pretty Sunrise Lemon Cake which was a welcome break from all the chocolate I’ve been eating lately.

Sunrise Lemon Cake

You can check out the InnerChef website here or their IOS/ Android app. They currently deliver in seven cities across India.

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