And The Butchery Begins – House of Cards, Season 5

‘Watch out for each other. And yes, watch each other.’

As Claire Underwood looks chillingly into the camera and utters these words in the first few minutes of the episode, you know the Underwoods are back. And how! Season 5 of the political drama House of Cards re-appears back on the screen after a long hiatus. And House of Cards fans including yours truly, shall remain hooked onto the telly until they binge watch the entire season. The Underwoods have that sort of magnetic pull over you.

Season 4 ended on a high note with the Underwoods making the statement, ‘We do not submit to terror. We make the terror.’ As Frank and Claire struggle to keep their heads afloat the storm that is the upcoming elections they are so badly losing, you know they shall use every trick in the book to emerge victorious. Not to mention they’re reeling under the bad press that came out of Tom Hammerschmidt’s expose article. The first episode gives us enough hints that the Underwoods shall remain at their utmost worst and scheming best. *BEWARE spoilers ahead.

The Underwood government has gone ahead declaring a war like situation against the terrorist group ICO. Instilling fear into the public’s heart and drawing their attention away from the upcoming elections seems to be the goal here. President Underwood decides to take his tyranny a level higher by closing down borders and refusing immigrant entry into the United States. Sounds familiar?

The episode draws an end towards the terrorist attack saga on the Miller family which began last season. The Underwoods attend the funeral as a mark of respect, creating discomfort and angst to the Millers. Frank conveying Melissa Miller’s remark, ‘ I hope you die, and she becomes president.’ to Claire is one of my favourite moments of this episode. Claire’s indifference to the remark and poker face while she hears it, clearly proves that she is not a stranger to the thought. Maybe a seed of treason has been planted in her head already.

My favourite moment of the entire episode is when Frank sabotages the senate committee’s meeting held towards investigating the Washington Herald article. Frank demands that Congress authorizes the war against ICO in a shrewd and stern way that is typical of Underwood. This scene alone reaffirms what a powerhouse of talent that is Kevin Spacey. He is the best part about the show and House of Cards would be nothing without Spacey’s brilliant portrayal of the protagonist- antagonist.

The show ends with the Underwood’s shaking hands with the crowd that has assembled outside the White House. And as Frank looks at the camera and utters that closing line, ‘You have nothing to be afraid of.’ – you know you have everything to be afraid of. And you know this season is going to be full of plotting and scheming. 

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