Mad Over Donuts (MOD) introduces Cakelings

Donuts in India are synonymous with the brand Mad Over Donuts (MOD). Everyone’s been going to them for their donut fix since years now. I made meals double and Dark Knight in my college days. They recently launched their range of cupcakes called ‘Cakelings’. Firstly, I really like the name cakelings. Its a  play on the word ‘duckling’. These cakelings are slightly smaller than a regular cupcake size, hence the name. 

Now I wonder why MOD had to go launch cupcakes, since they were an exclusive donut brand. I guess the cupcake fever and demand spares no one. We were called for a Cakeling Judging session where we were made to try out all the different cupcakes and give our feedback and rate them. 

Cakelings all ready to be devoured

MOD offers 8 different varieties of cakelings. They are each priced at Rs. 65/- with a ‘buy 5 get 1’ scheme available. 

  • Berry Bliss: Blueberry icing on a vanilla cupcake.
  • Lemon Swirl: Lemon frosting with sugar on a vanilla cupcake
  • Rich Crumble with oreo: Buttery, oreo frosting on a chocolate cupcake
  • Strawberry & Chocolate: Strawberry flavoured frosting, topped with chocolate sprinkles on a chocolate cupcake. 
  • Caramel Banana: Salted caramel icing on a vanilla cupcake. 
  • Nutella Frost: Nutella butter cream on a chocolate cupcake
  • Chocolicious: Swirl of chocolate ganache on a dense chocolate cupcake
  • Coffee Cream: Coffee buttercream frosting on a chocolate cupcake

I absolutely loved the Chocolicious. This was a lovely, dense, rich chocolate cake topped with creamy chocolate ganache. My favorite of the night! I also loved the Coffee cream cupcake. Perfect for coffee lovers who don’t like their desserts too sweet. My next favorite was the Caramel Banana. I liked the salted caramel flavor, inspite of not being able to taste the banana.

Skip all three fruit-flavored cakelings. I found them to be too sweet. Would’ve loved to taste more real fruit in them. 

Special mention to the cute packaging they come in which makes it a perfect gifting option.

I walked away with a crazy sugar rush, smile on my face and sugar on my lips. Not to forget some takeaway donuts. Thank you, Mad Over Donuts!

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