My Myrah Spa Experience

When I started blogging, I wanted the blog to be about anything and everything under the sun. Somewhere along the journey it got streamlined to food and only food, since food makes up a very important part of my life. This blog post is an experimental effort to re-start writing about beauty and lifestyle. My recent visit to Myrah Spa situated in Mumbai’s bustling suburb- Juhu provided the trigger.

I was feeling stressed, sleep deprived and bloated like a balloon. And whenever those feeling re-surface and reach a threshold, the only way out is to schedule a spa appointment. This time I decided to try Myrah Spa in Juhu for some rest, relaxation and much needed ‘Me’ time. The spa is spacious and spread over two floors. It’s tucked away in a leafy bylane of Juhu, and that ensures peace and tranquil around. Here is what I liked about my ‘Myrah Experience.’


One of the most important aspects of a good spa experience is the feel. The spa feels grand and opulent when you enter, huge mirrors, ornate chandeliers, lounge chairs, candles, and the works. The therapy rooms are more basic but serve the purpose. Cleanliness and hygiene are also maintained here.

Attention to Detail: 

The small things were taken care of, right from making me fill out a form that listed out my details, asking me about my medical status to then describing to me the varieties of spa therapies that may suit my needs. After I narrowed down on one, they even asked me about the choice of music I’d like along with my massage, the kind of pressure I’d like, whether I’d like to take a steam later, and tons of other interrogating questions, which actually made the experience so customized.


Service was spot-on here. Small things like offering me a glass of juice while I waited, to a cup of refreshing herbal tea after I was done, made such a difference. As I slipped into a pair of comfortable lounge chappals and a bathrobe, I felt at ease even before the massage began. I had my princess moment as I soaked my feet in a tub filled with hot water and rose petals, which the massage therapist later wiped off. Aaah, the good life!

(Gosh! I’m so used to clicking food pics)

I opted for a 55 minute long, Royal Aroma Massage, which as the brochure suggests has gentle smooth movements, to relieve stress, muscles aches and improve circulation. The massage was given with a blend of oils, which was not too fragrant as those I’ve had before. This was one of the first massages where I did not feel like the therapist was kneading me like dough. Just the right amount of pressure, which varied depending on the part of the body that required it more. At one point of the massage I think I dozed off while she was giving me an elaborate head ‘champi’. The staff was very professional, right from washing her hands before the start of the massage to not indulging in unnecessary chit-chat. (I’ve always had the most chattiest of masseurs. I have had to politely tell them to shut up on many occasions).

There were a few aspects that I didn’t enjoy and I was vocal about it which the staff assured me they would look into. Since it was an oil massage, I would have liked it to be a bit more oily. Also there was some damp smell emanating from under the head rest of the massage table.

Barring there minor glitches my overall experience was wonderful. My spa-cation left me feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. But all good things come at a price, and this was no exception. Priced at Rs. 3000/- the massage is definitely on the pricier side, but if it makes you feel like a princess (or prince) for that one hour, then why not? Myrah spa warrants a visit when I’m in the mood for a treat or for some luxurious pampering. Not on a regular basis, unless I get that salary hike I’m hoping for. (Psst, I was also very impressed by the couples massage therapies and maternity care massages on offer. Not that I’m getting either one of them any time soon.)

11 Palm Spring Society, 
Behind Juhu Shoppers Stop,
JVPD Scheme, Mumbai 400 049.

Phone: +919820040002, +919821165000, +912226253942
Also check their website for their entire menu with pricing.

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