The MSM Box – The Latest Beauty Box to Hit the Market

I’m a beauty bag/box addict. Getting a box of goodies home, and having no clue what lies in them, thrills me to no extent. It’s like a surprise gift to myself! Inspite of still having beauty and make up samples left over from the previous beauty bag subscription (Re:The Fab Bag) I decided to take the leap and subscribe to yet another one – The MSM Box!

What? The My Style Mile or the MSM box, started by a fellow- blogger is the latest beauty box to hit the nation. They have an Express box (priced at Rs. 495/-) and a Select version (Rs. 995/-) where the difference between the two is the brands being featured, with the latter having more high end products, justifying the price difference.

Why? Because you’re tired of buying full sized beauty products, and then don’t end up using them. Also, it’s a really convenient way to try newer brands without breaking the bank.

I decided to take the plunge and opt for a three month subscription, because they were on sale! My box came within a week of placing the order. Here’s what I liked and did not like about my MSM experience.

The Wow Factors:

1. The packaging – A pretty, sturdy pink box with all the products comfortably snuggled inside, and the box looked really packed. My first impression of the MSM box was positive!

2. The Contents: Here’s a blow-by-blow account of everything I received. First up, a 100 ml toner from Organic Harvest (retails online for Rs. 365/-). This was my first time trying this brand and the toner is lovely. Has a mild cucumber fragrance, is cooling, and not too aggressive on my sensitive skin.

I got a lovely cucumber face mask from Innisfree – a Korean skincare brand. The single use sheet was a non drying mask, that had a cucumber water layer and made my skin feel fresh and supple.

Next up, from the same brand – An Eco Science white C kit – three sample sized bottles of Vitamin C extract cream, lotion and face serum. Now Vitamin C extract is the next big thing for your face, and works to reduce dark spots and even out skin tone, and I’m really glad that I received this.

A scarlet Maybelline Color Show nailpaint (Rs. 85/-) was slightly disappointing to see because Maybelline isn’t a novel or a high end beauty brand, and I already have half a dozen or so of their nailpaints in my drawer. But I love the bright red, and it’s a great addition to my collection.

They sent a Labello Raspberry Rose lip butter as a bonus. I had never heard of this brand, but on research I found that it’s quite a popular international lip care brand. The lip butter was non-sticky, moist and had a lovely fragrance. Yaay!

Among other extras in the box were the organic green tea sachets and organic green color powder for Holi. I’m really impressed with this extra thought that they’ve put into the box, and I’m sure it’ll go a long way. 

3. The Price: At Rs. 495/- for an Express box, I think it’s absolutely paisa vasool. The price gets totally recovered considering the number of items they’ve stuffed in there. Also, I paid Rs. 1,335/- for a three month subscription since they are on sale right now and I’m sure I’ll totally recover the cost.

The ‘Ow’ Factors –

1. Price and description of each item should have been mentioned on a card. I would have loved to know what each individual product does, how to use it, and what a full sized product would be priced at, in case I intend to buy one.

2. A lot of other bloggers have complained about not recieving enough make up products in their box. I’m fairly happy with what I’ve got and I hope that the future boxes have more cosmetics in them!

3. I got a random 10% discount card for ‘All Good Scents’, an online perfume store. I wish I had got a perfume sample in my box so that would’ve aided me in buying a perfume online. How else do I know what to pick up!

Overall, I was thrilled with the contents of my box in terms of variety and value for money. I’m looking forward to my next two months of subscription, and I hope they keep up the quality and quantity of products they send across.

Check out their website on

(The author reviewed the product anonymously and paid for her own box).

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