Shopping for a Good Cause

After agriculture, the vocation that provides sustenance to a large number of people in rural India is the handicraft industry. Artisans who create beautiful handicrafts are found in each and every Indian state, with each art form being distinct and varied from the next. There is unfortunately, a huge gaping hole in the market between the artist and the consumer. Somewhere, a bridge is required so that the consumers have easier access to the products, and the artists are able to sell their wares effortlessly.

I was recently introduced to ‘Ratash‘ – an e-store that retails regional Indian handicrafts and wares. At first, it looks like any other retail store that sells handicrafts, but I later found out that the proceeds of every sale from the store are given completely to the artisan. They’re trying to empower the skilled worker by providing them an online platform to sell their wares, and enabling them to use technology to improve their businesses.

Having gone through the different sections on the site – home decor, bags, bed sheets, jewelry – I chose this gorgeous, colourful umbrella for my room. I love the intricate ‘kacchi bharat’ hand embroidery on the cloth umbrella. And what made me immensely happy was that some artisan in Gujarat has been aided because of my purchase. The concept beautifully amalgamates both – ‘Made In India’ and ‘Make In India’ – strongly encouraging our skilled workers to continue preserve their local arts.

(This is not a sponsored post. However, it has been done in collaboration with out of goodwill.)

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