Flavour Diaries, Khar – Bake Your Cake and Eat It Too!

I remember my first year, Anatomy lecture many moons ago where the professor labelled the laryngeal cartilages for us on a cadaver, that fifty of us were asked to share. When the time came for me to identify them during a test, I couldn’t tell the cricoid from the thyroid! The purpose of this extremely useless piece of information is to acquaint you’ll with how important ‘hands on’ learning is in any field. Some time back I attended a baking class where the chef demonstrated a couple of easy treats which I was confident I could pull off. Needless to say when I tried the recipe at home, my cake did not rise and I ended up eating half cooked cake batter for dessert! Had I actually practiced baking the cake alongside the teacher, I’d have a different story (and some cake) to share.

Which is why the Flavour Diaries – a cooking studio perched right on top of Khar Social – is what the doctor ordered! Eight individual work stations where you actually get to practice what you’re learning ensures you leave class with not just knowledge but also skill!

Over a wonderful meal of comforting one pot chicken stew and delicious apple crumble cake at this newly launched studio, I understood more about the Flavour Diaries experience.

The Teacher is the warm, and immensely talented Anjali Pathak – a British born Indian celebrity chef and cookbook author who comes from a successful food lineage. Teaching at Jamie Oliver’s cooking school Recipease in London sowed the seeds towards Anjali having her very own cooking school one day!

The Syllabus is a varied number of cooking classes that you can chose from – Italian, Mexican, Japanese, British Baking and more. They’re also conducting these really interesting Christmas baking classes where you can learn to make festive cookies, muffins, etc.

The classroom is a gorgeous 1600 square feet space, with glass windows that allow the sunlight to stream through while you cook, and allows you to look at greenery outside while you taste. I fell in love with the FRANKE kitchen space, complete with eight individual work stations!

The extra curricular activities are pretty exciting as well. Here you’ll find a coffee foyer cum library, stacked with a pretty impressive personal collection of cookbooks and magazines. Anjali also plans on serving traditional English high tea at the studio, where on certain days of the week you can drop by for some scones and tea. What a jolly good idea!

For more information on the time-table and fees check out the Flavour Diaries website – www.flavourdiaries.com

You can also find them on Facebook here, and Instagram here.

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