Burger King’s Chicken Fries – The Best Of Both Worlds

Have you ever loved two dishes so much that you wish you could eat them both at the same time? That in some magical way they would combine forces to create one, out of the world experience for you? 

I am obsessed with French fries. Well who doesn’t like deep fried, potato-ey goodness? Just the other day, I was at Burger King indulging in their good ol’ Chicken Whopper with fries on the side, pondering over how brilliant would it be if somehow one was able to combine the goodness of fries with the taste of chicken? The introduction of Chicken Fries on the Burger King menu now, seems like a dream come true!

The Chicken Fries along with the dipping sauces have been proudly clucking away on international shores since a while now. Their availability in India has made the chicken lover in me extremely happy. And the icing on the cake has got to be the adorable Chick & Fries love story that you can check out here – www.chickenfrieslove.tumblr.com

The Chick & Fries love story is an adorable attempt at introducing the diner to the #ChickenFries concept – an amalgamation of two classic fast food dishes. The story introduces us to a fantasy world where food comes alive; where a packet of golden French fries plays the main protagonist, and falls head over fries in love with a luscious chicken. It was love at first bite for our golden hero, adrenaline takes over, and our romantic leads become a delicious couple.

 In true Bollywood style, this love story includes wooing the lady, convincing the stern father of the bride, and even a romantic elopement. The story is touching, the one liners make you giggle (“Is your daddy a whopper? Because you’re the juiciest piece of chicken I’ve ever seen”) and the animation is enjoyable. The story shows the birth of the #ChickenFries – adorable offspring of our main leads – and is the perfect introduction for the newest fast food baby in town! The Chick & Fries love story combines my love for romantic movies and food – what more could I ask for?

(Image Courtesy www.chickenfrieslove.tumblr.com)

I tasted the Burger King #ChickenFries recently, that comes in an adorable chicken face cartoon box. The fries are actually thin strips of chicken, that are seasoned and then crumb fried. They come with a spicy sauce on the side, but the #ChickenFries are well seasoned and have a hint of spice in them, so you can actually eat them without the sauce. The delicious snack is best eaten hot so I recommend you try them at the Burger King outlet. I even got a packet home for myself, and the chicken remained succulent and full of flavour even when I devoured them a few hours later.

I can’t decide which of the two I enjoyed more – the Chick & Fries Love story or the #ChickenFries themselves. Let’s just say they both were equally addictive and fun.  Go catch this blockbuster snack at a Burger King near you at just Rs. 79/- .

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