Bye Bye Bhookh with Saffola Active Soups

I recently took to Instagram lamenting about my unhealthy post-work snacking schedule. Thankfully, Saffola Active came up with a solution.

Extremely long working hours and erratic lunch timings had led me to resort to snacking on junk food at the end of a working day. These unhealthy habits were really taking a toll on my body; I would end up feeling bloated and guilty, not to mention my dinner schedule would go for a toss as well. How much of street side samosas and vada paoscan one have? I was fed up! And then Saffola reached out to me like a knight in shining armor and attempted to provide a solution to a problem that we all face day in and day out – to find a snack option that is filling, inexpensive and healthy all at the same time.

That very same evening my doorbell rang, just as I was about to reach for a packet of chips, and there stood Mumbai’s pride – our very own dabbawalas – with a glistening reddabba from Saffola. The dabba contained three Saffola Active soup packets, a funky yellow mug and a leaflet introducing the soups. I put the packet of chips aside, quickly heated up some water and made myself a steaming hot cup of Saffola Active soup to help curb those hunger pangs a couple of hours before dinner time. Here are my thoughts about this latest entrant into the Saffola family:

Taste Matters: With my first sip of the tomato variant I could taste the richness and confirm the fact that it does not taste as synthetic as a lot of other ready-to-make soups out there. The Saffola Active Soup comes in five lip-smacking flavours: Rich Tomato, Hot and Sour, Spicy Manchow, Chatpata Sweet Corn and Spring Vegetables; thus ensuring that there’s a flavor for every tastebud. The soups act as a perfect precursor to your dinner, filling you up for a few hours and preparing you for a wholesome and light dinner time experience.

But so does Health: Saffola Active Soups claim to have five times more fibre than any other soup, which is extremely impressive. This excess fibre ensures that you stay full until dinner time without weighing you down. #FeelFullStayLight  

Did you know that 1 bowl of Saffola Active Soups has the fibre of one roti, with just half as many calories? And we all know excess fibre helps push our metabolism thus, helping us stay fit. Aur kya chahiye? #SuperSoup

Other Positives: Priced just at Rs. 10/- a packet, the soups make for an inexpensive and quick snack. Also, it is super easy and convenient to cook: just add hot water and stir. Therefore, you can sip on the soups even at work, gaining energy for that intense battle inside that Virar local. Also, the quantity is just right – it fills you up for a few hours, without affecting your appetite for dinner.

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  1. Hello! I just started following you and wanted to say congrats on what you've done so far! I have just begun this journey and have a lot to learn…would love to get some advice! Quick question on the soups as I'm a health-nut: what is the sugar content in these soups and what are some of the main ingredients listed? Would love to try them!

  2. Hmmm…I dont know why its not showing my identity (rather it's showing something random… I have just started my insta account @scrumptiliumptious! Talk to you soon!

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