My Authenticook Pathare Prabhu Experience – Maa Ke Haath Ka Swaad

The sun shining down my back, and a growling stomach courtesy the breakfast I’d skipped could not deter the excitement I had building up within me.

The reason – I was off to try an authentic, home cooked, Pathare Prabhu fish meal, a cuisine I knew very little about. The venue – the host’s Versova home, where a balcony overlooking Versova beach created the perfect setting for the sea creatures we were about to feast on. The host – the warm, home chef Geeta Dhairyawan who passionately and lovingly fed us that entire afternoon.

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Foodees Tiffin Service: Review

Eating lunch at work becomes such a hassle for me sometimes. Some days I leave home too early in the morning to be able to take a dabba. Eating in the canteen becomes pretty monotonous since its hospital food at its best. Ordering in everyday turns out to be expensive and time consuming. So I was looking for a dabba service for lunch since a long time. 

I knew about the Foodees Tiffin Service since a while since I’ve been following them on twitter and even visited their website once or twice. I’ve been wanting to try out their food but hadn’t got around to doing so. As luck would have it, I won a twitter contest they conducted recently and got to try out their tiffin service for lunch for a week. Woohoo!

On a Saturday prior I got a mail mentioning the entire menu for the following week. I had to undergo the tough job of deciding what I wanted to eat on which day. Mouth was watering already! They offer a number of set meal options from salads, sandwiches to Indian Veg/ Non Veg meals to continental Veg/Non Veg meals. I decided to try all that they offer. 

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Poppaddum Anyone?

I love Mumbai city for the sheer number of people from different caste, creed, and religion who inhabitate it, each rendering a different flavor to the culture of the city. This is reflected in the different food and cuisines that are available in abundance. South Indian food goes far beyond idlis and dosas, and luckily we have a few, landmark restaurants to prove that. 

Mahim and Fort areas are home to a number of hidden gems, that have been serving up traditional Malayali food since years. Especially since there are so many people from the state of Kerala that have made Mumbai their home. But when you’re looking for traditional, home cooked Malayali food, your neighbors or friends house is your best bet. And even if those options are not available then a concept like ‘Poppaddum’ comes to the rescue.

What is Poppaddum?

A concept initiated by Sneha Nair; whose profession is economic research and passion is cooking. She put her flair for cooking traditional, Malayali, home food to good use through Poppaddum. It is basically a pop-up restaurant that she hosts every Sunday at her place and serves some delicious food that she whips up. It is a fun concept where not only do you get to try out some traditional Kerala cuisine but also get to meet some interesting, like-minded foodies.

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A Real Good Mothers Day

Ours has always been a foodie family. For me family celebrations and good food have been inseparable. Food and family are synonymous for us. I have distinct childhood memories of shelling peas and watching television with mom. Or cutting out interesting recipes for mom from newspapers and magazines. I would then write down these recipes for her in a brown notebook, which we still have preserved.

When my mother and I were invited for a Mothers Day special event hosted by Real Good Yummiez to spend a Sunday morning cooking and eating together, we both jumped. It was an event to honour ‘Maa ke Haath ka Khaana’, where mother-child duos would cook together and whip up signature creations. I was excited because one of my favourite celebrity chefs, Vicky Ratnani would be judging us. 

We were at Palate Culinary Studio ( that Sunday morning to try our hand at cooking some yummy dishes. We were given a fixed number of ingredients, sort of like the Mystery Box in Masterchef, and we had to come up with something. Capsicum, curd, raw mango, and Real Good Yummiez products: Hariyali Bites and Chicken Sausages. Check out their products here

We were five teams competing for some droolworthy prizes from Real Good Yummiez. We decided to cook a Sausage Paatiyo. A paatiyo is a traditional Parsi dish which is made with shrimp, and tomatoes. It goes well with traditional Dal rice. The shrimp were replaced with sausages. We also made a yogurt and raw mango dip, which we paired with the Hariyali kababs. Check out the pictures below to see what a fun time we had.

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