April 2014 Fab Bag Review

I love the monthly thrill of anticipating my Fab Bag, seeing what others got, and finally opening mine to reveal its contents. Fab Bag is a monthly beauty bag, which consists of 3-4 sample or full-size beauty products. Read more about Fab Bag on www.fabbag.com

The April Fab Bag was themed ‘Girl On The Go’ and it was supposed to contain beauty essentials that a girl on the move may need. I never see any connection between what they give out and the theme of the bags each month. Nevertheless, this months bag was a beautiful red and black patterned pouch that I loved instantly. 

My April Fab Bag Haul

1. Beauty UK Blush and Brush- Isla Rose
(Rs. 550/- for a full size)

This was a full sized, lovely bright pink blush. I have received an eye shadow palette from the same brand in one of my previous bags, and I loved that product. This comes in a small, black case with a miniature brush which makes it convenient to travel with. The color is a bright pink with a bit of shimmer which I don’t like in my blushes. That makes it limiting and one can only use it on a night out, instead of a subtle day look. On application, it has a deep pigmented colour but doesn’t spread easily on the face. 

Beauty UK Blush and Brush
Beauty UK Blush and Brush Palette

2. Just Herbs Glow Boosting Ritual
(Rs. 985/- for a full size)

It contains three products:

  • Lively Clean Honey Cleansing Gel (Rs. 295/- for full size of 100 ml)
  • Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack (Rs. 295/- for full size of 150 gms)
  • Aloe Vero Facial Massage Gel (Rs. 395/- for full size of 100 gms)
Just Herbs Glow Boosting Ritual

I have received another herbal kit from Just Herbs in one of my previous Fab Bags, and I wasn’t a fan. Honestly, herbal products don’t excite me. Especially a brand like this which I hadn’t heard of, and could afford to buy on my own if I wanted to. 

This kit contained three sample sized products. The samples are pretty big and will last me a while before I finish them off. Loved the almond complexion pack. It has a lovely fragrance and it left my skin soft and supple. 

Clockwise: Honey Cleansing Gel, Almond complexion pack, Aloe vera facial massage gel

3. Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub
(Rs. 875/- for a full size of 113 gms)

Sally Hansen is a renowned brand, especially in hand and foot care. Another full sized product from them this month was the highlight of my Fab Bag. My existing foot scrub was on the verge of getting over, and then I received this. Call it telepathy or just plain luck! I’m a fan of this product. The scrub has coarse, grainy particles that exfoliate the rough skin of the feet. As I scrubbed, I could see the dead skin coming off. In a single use my feet look softer and smoother than before. Miracle product indeed!

Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub

4. Bonus: I Love Coconut Face Mask

This is a peel off face mask, that comes in single sachets. This makes is easy and convenient to travel with. Its a peel off mask, so one is spared the hassle of washing. The sachet has a large quantity and can be shared by two people. I have tried the Mango mask before, and I’m sure the coconut one will be similar. 

I love Coconut face mask

All in all, decent bag this month, except the herbal products which I’m not very excited about. What did you get in your bag? 

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