‘Play With Your Drink’ at Mamagoto

Mamagoto in a short span since its launch in Mumbai last year has become everyone’s favorite go-to place for delicious Asian food combined with a quirky, relaxed vibe. The atmosphere is relaxed and kitsch, and coupled with their amazing food flavors it has fast become my favorite too! In a short span they have launched three branches in Mumbai- Bandra, Ghatkopar, Kala Ghoda- and are soon planning to launch in Andheri too. Happy news for Mamagoto fans such as me! Now I can get their Chiang Mai Train Station Noodles, Water Chestnut Spring Rolls, and Penang Curry close to work. Yaay!

They recently launched a new, unique concept called ‘Play with your drink’, where the customer can create their own unique cocktail concoction, decide what goes inside each drink, name it, and of course savour it later. From 14th April this wonderful concept has been launched at all Mamagoto outlets. A few lucky ones such as me, got a preview and tried our hands at cocktail making one afternoon. 

We were divided into groups and given our time behind a well stocked bar with all the possible ingredients we could think of. Our task was to come up with a signature, unique cocktail. We decided to make a Watermelon- Basil martini which was aptly named ‘The Pink Panther’.


  • Take freshly cut, seedless watermelon pieces and basil leaves. Muddle them really well.
  • Strain this mixture into a cocktail shaker. Add ice. And vodka most importantly.
  • Give it a few, good shakes. The Pink Panther is done!
  • We poured it into a martini glass with a wedge of watermelon as a garnish.
Laughter, Chaos, Fun. What went into the making of ‘The Pink Panther’

Can any visit to Mamagoto be complete without some amazing food? We all dug into the small bites that were doing the rounds. I personally enjoyed the Spicy Fried Calamari made in ponzu pepper batter.

Clockwise: Spicy Fried Calamari, Thai crispy vegetables, Bite sized corn fritter balls
Food Bloggers turned bartenders

A well spent Saturday afternoon with good food, good company and trying my hand at cocktail making. Mamagoto is letting everyone live their dream of becoming a bartender and creating your own unique cocktail. Everyone’s a bartender at Mamagoto!

Website: www.mamagoto.in
Facebook: MamagotoFunAsian
Twitter: @MamagotoFun
Instagram: @MamagotoFunAsian

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