Juicing It Out….Literally!

God knows I needed a detox. God knows I needed to cleanse. All this eating out, writing blog posts, uploading food pictures on Instagram, and tweeting food reviews can take a toll. Weight gain, heaviness, and breakouts on my skin began to happen. So much so, that my face began to resemble a constellation on a night sky. Detox was the need of the hour. And when I read about Raw Pressery’s juice cleanse program, I knew I had to do this!

About Raw Pressery: The company which launched last year basically offers juice packages to suit ones daily needs. They make India’s first raw pressed juices. Raw pressing is basically hydraulic technology that involves naturally extracting the juice, without involving any air or water to even come in contact with the juice. This preserves the nutrients and ensures the juices are as fresh as possible. Read more on www.rawpressery.com

About the Raw Cleanse: Apart from offering monthly juice packages, where juices are recommended to you as per your needs, and then delivered home, they also offer juice cleanse packages. It basically is a day where you detox, and survive on juice the entire day. The juices fulfill your nutritional needs, so you’re not really starving or deprived. They recommend eating light a few days prior to prepare your system. On the cleanse day, they advise drinking loads of water and fluids to flush the system. Read more about the Raw Cleanse here

I ordered the Cleanse package and waited excitedly for my juices to arrive that morning. All six of the bottles were delivered bright and early at 7.30 am. The juices are to be had between 9 am and 9.30 pm at 2.5 hour intervals. Each bottle has a different juice, different name and different purpose. They were a decent size of about 410 ml. Read on to understand more!

All Six Bottles Lined Up Neatly in a Row!

9.00 am: Time for my first bottle. The ‘Trim’ contains kale, spinach, doodhi, amla, celery, green apple, ginger and lemon. I was dreading this one the most. Lets face it, most of those ingredient sound unappetizing. The Trim is supposed to help you manage your weight and alkalize your system. The juice tasted suprisingly good for what all was in there. The ginger and lemon did the trick here, and gave it a bearable flavour. I downed this one and was off to work with my remaining bottles.


11.30 am: Regular day at work. Wasn’t feeling too hungry but it was time for the next bottle. The ‘Run’ contained pineapple, pear and chia seeds. This was the yummiest of all the juices I had. The pineapple-pear combination totally works. This juice is an energy booster and increases overall vitamin efficiency in the body. I’m not sure about all of that, but it definitely was yum.

2.00 pm: Busy day at work. All the running around was getting me hungry. I kept looking at the watch, waiting for it to turn 2, so that I could drink my next bottle. All the excess fluids in my body were making me pee like a leaky faucet, so purpose of detox was being achieved. The ‘Flush’ had apple, beet, ginger, carrot and lemon. I absolutely detest beets, so I was dreading this. Again not as bad as I expected, thanks to the lemon and ginger that provided flavour. This juice aims at detoxing the liver, purifying the blood, and cleansing the system. 

4.30 pm: Time for ‘Shield’. I was hungry again. All the frequent treks to the loo were taking up my energy. This one was the least favourite of the lot. Inspite of being hungry I could not finish this. It has bellpepper, carrot, tomato, celery, ginger and lemon. I could only taste bellpepper and carrot here. Heat this up, and it would’ve made a better soup. These ingredients contain anti-oxidants and claim to build immunity. 


7.00 pm: I was hungry again, and was travelling. So gulped this juice down in the rickshaw. The ‘Glow’ contains cucumber, coconut water, pineapple, lemon grass, aloe vera, and lemon. Unfortunately, when I drank this it wasn’t chilled, or it would’ve tasted much better. Decent cucumber-lemon-nariyal pani taste here. All these ingredients are supposed to help clear and flush the skin out. Also, they’re a great source of electrolytes.

7.30 pm: Disaster strikes. I receive some traumatic personal news. In the midst of that I forget my 7 month old, expensive cell phone in the backseat of the rickshaw. Phone rings for 10 minutes, before someone disconnects it. Spirit of Mumbai where were you when I needed you the most?

10.00 pm: I return home from a frantic dash from police station to police station. My hunger is dampened in anycase here. I gulp down the ‘Build’ quickly. The one bottle that I was actually excited about. It contained almond, honey, cinnamon and pure water. This is a healthy dessert drink, and supposed to help build up muscle. Don’t ask me how it tastes. I was too stressed to remember!

My Opinion: Well I did not see any miracles happening in my body in a day of the cleanse. But I surely felt lighter, and fresher. Our bodies need a break from time to time. We treat it as a dustbin sometimes, randomly dumping  things into it. The cleanse made me careful of what I put into my mouth. The next day I woke up suprisingly not hungry. This was the first time I tried something like this and would I do it again? Sure! Maybe the two or three day cleanse next time. I easily sailed through this one. 

The juices were all fresh, and tasted good. They came in convenient packaging and were delivered on time. 

The damages are Rs. 1500/- for a day of the cleanse. Most of us would find that expensive. Well I did too! But if we can spend that much on a single evening of drinking, why not on this? Something that may help our bodies in the long run. Something to ponder about.

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