Flipping Over Flipkart’s Home Store Section – The Makeover Edition

We all have that one corner in our house that we just don’t know what to do about. A space that is either blank, or too cluttered and just does not fit in with the entire scheme of things. I’ve been experiencing the same with this one corner in my living room. A blank area that is not that small to ignore. And not that big to fit anything productive in. So basically this space was like a gaping hole, just lying there, staring at me every time I spent time in the living room. 

And then we all have those relatives who need an excuse to critique, pick, and grumble about the smallest things. The aforementioned relatives were planning to stay over for a couple of days at my place, and I was going all paranoid over what I would feed them, how I would entertain them, and most importantly how the house would look. (I sincerely hope the aforementioned relatives do not read this post). Out of sheer frustration and desperation, I decided to give the living room a make over of sorts, so that it would at least look presentable to the guests I was expecting over.

My dull and drab corner in my dull and drab living room

I was looking at overcoming three major hurdles here. 

1. Limited Budget: This was not only ‘month end’, but also ‘financial year’ end. I was looking at doing up the living room space on a shoestring budget.

2. Limited Time: With a full time job, working six days a week, nine hours a day, I had no time on hand to go shop for home decor. I also needed to re-decorate in a limited time, since the guests were expected home in a few days.

3. Limited Creative Skills: With my knowledge of decor or interiors limited to that of a third grade child who flunked in art class…. I was doomed. This was going to be the trickiest hurdle to over come.

Aur phir ek idea aaya! Decided to rely on Flipkart, my knight in shining armour, my superhero in a cape. Flipkart has been rescuing me since years now. Have to attend a party, but don’t have new clothes to wear…Flipkart! Want to buy a bulk of books to read, without creating a hole in my pocket…. Flipkart! Want to be a good Secret Santa and courier a gift to my santee…. Flipkart! This time around too, I decided to check out Flipkart and shop from their home decor section.

Flipkart’s Home Store section is impressive. They stock everything required for every nook and corner in your home. Right from kitchen essentials, to bathroom utilities, to lighting and fixtures,  – they have it all. Now to focus on my three hurdles, and whether I was able to jump over them.

1. Within Budget: With a budget of only Rs 5,000/-, Flipkart provided me tons of options within that range. I was able to re-decorate my entire living room space within my budget, with money to spare. They has extremely well priced options, and are so much lower than market prices. I was happy, and so was my bank balance.

2. Within Time: The convenience of online shopping has made my life so much easier. I decided on what I wanted to purchase via the Flipkart app on my phone, in an auto rickshaw travelling back home from work. No stress about having to go out and shop. And with their express delivery, the products were delivered home on the same day, or next day itself.

3. Exploring my Inner Creative Side: What I loved about the app were the suggestions it gives on pairing different home decor items today. They also have beautifully classified the products into different categories, such as artefacts from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala etc. 

I decided to shop from the Rajasthan section on the website, and do an entire Rajasthani themed decor. I seem to have some ‘pichle janam ka’ connection with Rajasthan, and love everything from the desert state, and I was spoilt for choice with so many options during shopping. Here is the final outcome! 

I love how colorful and vibrant the corner looks now, and is completely transformed from its dull and dreary past. The area also looks more spacious, and can be used as a low seating section to sit with a cup of tea and a magazine. The cushions provide comfort, and allow you to recline backwards, enjoying the view from my adjoining window. I also love the rectangular mirror hung on the wall, that elongates the room creating the illusion of space. And then there are the vintage Rajasthani artifacts that give such an elegant vibe. Overall I am extremely pleased with how the corner looks now. My entire living room looks transformed, and I enjoy spending time there. And needless to say my aforementioned relatives did not utter a beep of criticism. Only complements galore!

Get The Look:

Aapno Rajasthan Warli Painted Wooden Mirror Showpiece (Rs. 1295/-) You can buy it here.

Aapno Rajasthan Wooden Chair Showpiece (Rs. 999/-) You can buy it here

Mad(e) in India Rajasthani Couple Abstract Cushion Cover (Rs. 950/-) You can buy it here.

Passion Exports Hand Woven Polyester, Cotton Area Rug (Rs. 149/-) You can buy it here.

Aapno Rajasthan Hand Painted Peacock Marble Pot With Gold Paint And Kundan Work Showpiece (Rs. 1145/-) You can buy it here.

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