Travel the World with Tasty Treat’s Firangi Bhujia

This is the era of fusion food where we’re seeing western classics being incorporated with desi flavours. And we’ve also witnessed Indian dishes getting modified to imbibe tastes and techniques of the west. The more we travel, the more we’re exposed to world cuisines and the more we enjoy this amalgamation of desi-videsi

Attempting to do just that is the brand Tasty Treats with their innovative Firangi Bhujia series of snacks. This comfort food which we’ve all grown up on, gets a makeover in four different avatars after travelling all over the world. The flavours include a Wasabi variant representing Japan, Schezwan representing China, Peri Peri representing Africa, and Barbeque representing America.

Humble bhujia does a world tour

The Firangi Bhujia depicts the perfect example of global diversity; it’s a dish that has traveled the world, infusing world flavours yet it remains true to the Indian roots. Comforting yet foreign at the same time. Priced at Rs. 45 this is a perfect snack for a number of occasions.

  • With IPL just around the corner, pair it with a chilled fizzy drink on a summer day, sit back with your friends and watch the match. 
  • Serve it along with some masala chai for some tea time chit-chat with your gal pals. 
  • It’s also versatile enough to be incorporated into simple dishes. Try a Peri Peri Bhujia Tamatar sabzi – a twist on the Kathiyawad Sev Tamatar sabzi. Or else whip up a quick raita with a bhujia flavour of your choice. They’ll also go really well on top of canapes.

Back at home we enjoyed the snack best during our evening snack time, or naashta time as it’s commonly known in most Indian households. I loved that each strand of the bhujia was well coated with the masala, the individual flavor shining through. The bhujia was non-greasy and light making it perfect for snacking. I put all four flavours to the taste test and here’s what I thought of them: 

1. Barbeque Firangi Bhujia from America 

The original sauce that originated from America, the Barbeque sauce, imparts a sweet caramelized flavour along with smokey heat. The Barbeque variant of the Firangi Bhujia replicates the flavour profile found in the sauce to a great extent. A mild sweetness along with a hit of heat, making this quite an addictive flavour to munch on.

For ‘nashta’ lovers

2. Wasabi Firangi Bhujia from Japan

Hands down my favourite Firangi Bhujia variant because I’m a huge fan of the pungent, strong flavour that wasabi imparts. Inspite of wasabi being something you can only eat in mild quantities, cleansing the palate in between – the wasabi bhujia does not tend to taste that strong. It still imparts that pungency and that kick in the back of the throat that a good wasabi does. 

For high teas

3. Peri Peri Firangi Bhujia from Africa

Peri Peri sauce is derived from chilly of the same name; it’s native to certain parts of Africa and is known for the spice and heat it imparts. The Peri Peri bhujia is a wonderful rendition of the sauce, with the bhujia being moderately spicy and pungent. In my opinion, this bhujia came closest to a desi teekha bhujia that we conventionally may enjoy, and will appeal strongly to the Indian palate.

For the spicy palate

4. Schezwan Firangi Bhujia from China

The Schezwan sauce is a comforting taste that most of us have grown up on. The bhujia too is comforting and safe, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a known fact that schezwan sauce pairs really well with fried food. Let me tell you that this Schezwan bhujia does the trick as well!

For the love of all things Oriental

Priced at just Rs.45/-, the Firangi Bhujia is available at most departmental stores like Big Bazaar, Foodhall, Star Bazaar, Hyper City, Nilgiris, Easy Day, etc and online stores as well.

Don’t forget to check out their extremely fun website on  for more information. You’re welcome!

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