Brunch Diaries – Wedding Bells at JW Sahar

The wedding industry has reached it’s all time high, with each passing wedding season getting more elaborate and opulent than the previous. Which is why the Marriott group of hotels are showcasing their properties, their culinary expertise and wedding services on offer under the brand name #ShaadiByMarriott. And the folks at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar are taking this initiative a scale higher by hosting wedding themed Sunday brunches at their all day dining restaurant JW Cafe.

This Sunday brunch provides a perfect sneak peak into the varied kinds of cuisines, different bar offerings and the exquisite decor that the team can put together if you decide to host a wedding at the JW Sahar. And even if you’re not getting married, their Sunday brunches are the perfect place to unwind and spend a lazy afternoon chomping down on the best of food and drink. Don’t forget to wear loose comfortable clothing, you’re going to need it.

I reviewed JW Sahar’s Sunday brunch back in 2015 when they had just launched, which you can read about here. I was taken aback by the sheer magnanimity of the spread back then, calling it the big daddy of Sunday brunches. Two years down the lane, it still is the big daddy of brunches, having added a few more live counters along the way. I may be going out on a limb here, but JW Sahar’s Sunday brunch may be of of the best brunch offerings in the city, if not THE best. You’ll find counters of food fitted into every cranny possible, each manned by a chef specializing in that respective cuisine. Make sure you skip breakfast, come here early, and you’ll have no stomach space left for dinner as well.

What sets the wedding themed brunches apart from the regular Sunday fare is the intricate decor, elegant centerpieces and attention to detail that goes into creating a wedding like ambiance. We attended a Western wedding themed brunch complete with florals, fairy lights and sculptures, making me wish I were there to witness the colour and grandeur of the desi wedding brunch that happened the previous week. 

The different themed brunches also give diners an insight into the warm and hospitable service that they can expect at the property. Inspite of running a packed house that Sunday afternoon, service was quick and prompt. Our orders were brought to the table quickly, cutlery was changed without us having to ask, with the service, with the staff moving around with clockwork like precision.

Start off with the cheese and cold cut counters where you’ll find an assortment of exotic cheeses and meats, to be paired with crackers and bread. They also do a fabulous hors d’ouevre table with a variety of mini salads, appetizers and dips, all presented beautifully. Exactly two years ago, I fell in love with the beauty that was the Alaskan Sea Crab sitting regally in the centre of the restaurant. Squeeze a wedge of lime on top, and scoop out the fine strands of white crab meat to be instantly transported into fishy heaven. 

JW Cafe’s love for everything fishy continues with their grilled fish section. Choose between prawns, red snapper, lobster, masala pomfret or do what we did and get an assorted plate. Their expertise in cooking meat is evident in the Roast Duck, Honey Glazed Ham, and Pork Roast dishes that sit out looking pretty as a picture under a spotlight. Carve yourself a slice, pour some gravy on top, and you have yourself a lovely wedding feast.

The only downside of the entire brunch experience was the absence of a live egg counter. No brunch is complete without omelettes, delicious eggs Benedict, or a sunny side up. I clearly remember devouring some delicious eggs during my previous visit. They however seem to keep reinventing the different counters. There was an extensive Thai section that I didn’t remember seeing last time, that served out fragrant and authentic curries. I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sushi every time I dine at JW Cafe, which is on par with what is served at stand alone Pan Asian restaurants across the city. Ask them to send across an assorted plate of freshly rolled sushi for you, and you’re sorted!

And what wedding feast is complete without a wedding cake! We were treated to a gorgeous three tiered beauty, adorned in white, too pretty to cut through. Rounding off the spread were elaborate counters filled with tarts, cakes, brownies, cheesecakes, mousses, and more.

Each dessert was a visual treat as well as delicious to bite into. Their waffles cheekily titled ‘Best Waffles in Mumbai’ are what I preferred to end my meal with – perfectly airy within, crisp outside, topped with maple syrup and berry compote – the perfect way to start and end any lazy brunch.

Venue: JW Café, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar
Time: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Price: INR 2,500 + taxes and additional alcohol package at INR 1,500 + taxes

For Reservations: +91 22 2853 8656 /

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