Unboxing Happiness – My Top Five Picks From HappinessBoxed.com

Gone are the days when scouting for gifts meant going to your nearest Archies or Hallmark outlet. Gone are the days when reasons for gifting were limited to birthdays or anniversaries. The occasions have multiplied, and so has the need for customized gifts. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift that is personalized? Something that belongs only to you, and depicts the amount of thought that has gone behind the gift.

During a recent quest for a personalized gift for a loved one, I stumbled upon a new gifting site – Happiness Boxed #ClickOpenSmile. The webstore is the brainchild of Vidhi Pansari, who at the age of 21 decided to stray away from the conventional career route and start her own gifting venture. With a lot of gifting vendors and brands under the label, she plans to make Happiness Boxed, a one-stop-shop for personalized gifting needs. The store currently has a host of dessert options such as cookies with messages on them, whoopee cushions, edible soil, custom cupcakes, and more. The gifting section has some fun stuff like custom Taboo cards, household items, and dreamcatchers, that are so hard to find! They also do personalized hampers and gifts depending on the occasion, which I think is perfect for the lazy shopper!

Having rummaged through the entire site, I shortlisted some really fun and interesting products that I would definitely want to gift someone. Or receive as a gift. Either way, here are my top five picks from the Happiness Boxed site.

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Flipping Over Flipkart’s Home Store Section – The Makeover Edition

We all have that one corner in our house that we just don’t know what to do about. A space that is either blank, or too cluttered and just does not fit in with the entire scheme of things. I’ve been experiencing the same with this one corner in my living room. A blank area that is not that small to ignore. And not that big to fit anything productive in. So basically this space was like a gaping hole, just lying there, staring at me every time I spent time in the living room. 

And then we all have those relatives who need an excuse to critique, pick, and grumble about the smallest things. The aforementioned relatives were planning to stay over for a couple of days at my place, and I was going all paranoid over what I would feed them, how I would entertain them, and most importantly how the house would look. (I sincerely hope the aforementioned relatives do not read this post). Out of sheer frustration and desperation, I decided to give the living room a make over of sorts, so that it would at least look presentable to the guests I was expecting over.

My dull and drab corner in my dull and drab living room
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Get Baked – Happy, Healthy Treats

I cannot begin to tell you’ll how tired I was of eating out and eating unhealthy this past week. So when I got a call from Sinhaar, co-owner of Get Baked to try out their product line, I was all ready to decline him politely. Until he mentioned his products were a healthy, nutritional snacking range. And then I succumbed to temptation.

Two cousins operate out of their aunt’s Colaba kitchen, aiming to serve healthy treats as alternatives to the sugar and maida laden snacks we are used to. Their menu is limited to ‘crunch rocks’ and two types of cookies, all of which I tried. 

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Beauty Bites: Inside my March MSM Box

Remember me going all gaga over my February MSM box? I was really impressed with this monthly beauty box subscription and blogged about it here. Right from the packaging, to the beauty samples, to the full size products and the extra gifts – everything was perfect. They raised the bar ohh so high, that I was eagerly looking forward to this month’s box.

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All Good Scents – Pocket Friendly Perfumes

Buying a good perfume usually involves compromising on either your budget, or the quality of the scent. The really good fragrances from really good brands don’t come cheap without pinching your pocket. Most of the relatively inexpensive ones can make you end up smelling of beets. (I’m quoting Phoebe from that episode of FRIENDS. Remember?) Looking for a trade-off between a good quality fragrance and the price? All Good Scents may be the answer!

I found the All Good Scents website when I ordered and reviewed the MSM box. (What is the MSM box? Click here to find out). All Good Scents is an online store that retails fragrances for men and women, under their label. Most of their fragrances fall in the price bracket of Rs. 750-1500/-, which is extremely reasonable in my opinion. Their fragrances are all made in France and are not tested on animals, which is a huge plus point for me. I ordered the Chic Eau de Toilette from their Esssential range recently, and here is what I liked and disliked about my overall experience.

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