Aboard the Bombay Local

I love how food connects us. You could be a banker, a doctor, or a stay at home mom but still pursue cooking and be a masterchef of your own kitchen. And then there are those few who take their hobbies forward and become home chefs and bakers. And honestly, it is these home chefs who whip up the tastiest, heartiest food. 

I have so many of my favorites who I always turn to when I want my share of home made desserts, dips and more. Most of which I have met at Small Fry Co.’s curated events. They manage to source the most talented home grown, foodie talent and present them to us via pop-ups and exhibitions. More about them on their Facebook page here.

This Sunday I popped into another pop-up exhibition named ‘Bombay Local’ at The Easel in Juhu. This quaint art hub metamorphosed into this buzzing space packed with stalls exhibiting wares from restaurants, home chefs, bakers, artists, and designers. I skipped all the apparel and beauty products stalls – purely for fear of being tempted, and stuck to what I enjoy the most- Food! I fluttered from one stall to the next, tasting and sampling what was put out, and chatting up some lovely home entrepreneurs. I came home with some interesting stuff, and hence this blog post about my experience- something that I should have done earlier. Read on for my top three picks at this edition of Bombay Local.

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April 2014 Fab Bag Review

I love the monthly thrill of anticipating my Fab Bag, seeing what others got, and finally opening mine to reveal its contents. Fab Bag is a monthly beauty bag, which consists of 3-4 sample or full-size beauty products. Read more about Fab Bag on www.fabbag.com

The April Fab Bag was themed ‘Girl On The Go’ and it was supposed to contain beauty essentials that a girl on the move may need. I never see any connection between what they give out and the theme of the bags each month. Nevertheless, this months bag was a beautiful red and black patterned pouch that I loved instantly. 

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March 2014 Fab Bag Review

So I know after my February Fab Bag debacle I had proudly announced that this was the last of my subscriptions and I would not sign up for one again. Come March, and I couldn’t help but see what the others got in their bags, and the rest is history. Renewed another 3 month subscription because let’s be honest, its a really good deal. Even if they’re not luxury beauty samples anymore, I just like getting a surprise home every month. It’s like a gift to me! 🙂 Read more about the Fab Bags on www.fabbag.com

The March Fab Bag was supposed to be the #FabWomen Special Bag on account of Woman’s Day in March. 

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February 2014 Fab Bag Review

I’ve been subscribing to the Fab Bag (www.fabbag.com) since March, 2013. Back then it was called the Vellvette Box. It was a monthly, little black box that would contain 3-4 sample or full sizes of luxury beauty products. I started off receiving some wonderful brands and products which I would’ve otherwise not bought. Its a great way of trying new stuff. Recently however, I’ve been disappointed with some of the stuff they sent out. Nevertheless, I still carried on subscribing because it was absolute Value-For-Money. But after this month’s Fab Bag fiasco I doubt I will renew my subscription. 

February Fab Bag was themed as ‘Fab Bag Crew Favourites’. All the beauty secrets and products that the crew themselves use. The products arrived in a nice, red and black pouch. Here’s all what I got!

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