New Menu and New Favourites at Desi Deli

In July last year, I discovered a new favourite joint in Bandra. One where we would drop by on many occasions, for their gourmet hot dogs and a Lush Lamb burger that is absolutely divine. One which I have written about previously as well, and recommended. (Read that previous post here.) I love Desi Deli for taking global food out of the delicatessan and giving it a desi twist. Especially those gourmet hot dogs, that combine the most innovative sauces and toppings – brainchild of owner Lolita Sarkar.

Desi Crème brûlée

I was back again to try a few, new additions on the menu and to see if I could find a new winner. And I did!

Two new hot dogs on the menu – my pick was the Desi Hog Dog (Rs. 220/- for the chicken version) that came with a sweet sour mango mustard, pickled chillies and crushed Magic Masala Lays on top. Can’t get more desi than this, now can it? I wouldn’t mind the spice quotient amped up a bit – more pickled chillies maybe – but this was a stellar hot dog. I preferred it to the Bird in a Pear Tree (Rs. 275/-) that was a bit on the sweeter side owing to the maska fruit, pickled veggies and eggnog that were used as toppings. Christmas in a bun! The hot dogs at Desi Deli come strongly recommended – old favourites include The Goan Desi and The Texan Desi – for the innovative accompaniments that go on top of the sausage.

Desi Hog Dog

The Kolamburg (Rs. 300/-) as the name suggests is a prawn burger, where the prawns come encased in a fried patty with gherkins proving the heat on top. Very few places do prawn burgers, let alone good ones, and the one at Desi Deli is a decent attempt and worth an order. If only they had topped it with more of that chilli sauce to cut the dryness. Till then I’m staying loyal to that beautiful Lush Lamb burger!


The deli does some innovative desserts as well, including a nutella-mascarpone toastie christened ‘Tucker Tycoon’, that is comfort food at it’s best! Among the new menu, we tried the Desi Crème brûlée – that contains rose flavouring and pistachio for that desi feel. The mark of a perfect Crème brûlée is in it’s ‘crack’, and the one here had a strong, resounding crack that could be heard from the next table. Top notch!

The new menu additions at Desi Deli are strong debutantes among a stellar original, ensemble caste. I’d return for their Super Lush Lamb Burger – double patty, double party- their Rich chocolate milkshake, and some bacon wrapped tater tots aka Bacontata on the side. And for dessert, the Desi Crème brûlée. Or the Trucker Tycoon. What the hell, let’s get them both! 

Shop 1, Pearl Haven CHS,
86, Chapel Road, Reclamation,
Bandra West, Mumbai.
Phone: 022 30150888.

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  1. The shop does some creative treats too, including a nutella-mascarpone toastie initiated 'Tucker Tycoon', that is solace nourishment getting it done! Among the new menu, we attempted the Desi Crème brûlée – that contains rose enhancing and pistachio for that desi feel. The sign of an immaculate Crème brûlée is in it's 'split', and the one here had a solid, reverberating break that could be gotten notification from the following table. First class! click here for more.

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