Time Travel at the Future Theory Festival

I am not much of an EDM fan. I fairly like this genre, but then after a couple of hours of listening to it I begin to miss words. And lyrics. But this weekend at the Future Theory Festival my perception of alternative electronic music was drastically altered. The Future Theory festival held on the 27th and 28th of February, comprising an impressive line up in this genre, promised two days of mind blowing music, and kick ass parties. But what excited me the most was the location – Fort Jadhavgadh – a three hundred year old Maratha fort, now converted into a luxury hotel with sprawling lawns and ancient architecture.

My Future Theory Festival experience was like sitting in a time travel machine that oscillated between a cultural past and a modern future. 

Blast From The Past

I’m going to paint a little picture for you here – a lone 300 year old fort perched high on a hill, with a birds eye view of the surrounding greenery and sprawling lawns. A gorgeous, rustic fort with it’s wood design and stone work yet intact, complete with a beautiful museum providing a glimpse into the Maratha way of life back then. Here we experienced a party like no other!

Jadhavgadh fort and the surrounding property is stunning. Right from the staff that’s dressed in traditional attire, to the overall vibe and feel of the fort – Jadhavgadh is a marvel. One I’d love to return back to someday.

Back To The Future

A line-up of some of the best artists in the emerging, electronic music scene is what we were promised. And what we got! We were part of a kick-ass pool party, dangling our feet in the pool, sipping on beers while the notorious Iggy took us on a musical ‘trip’. In the evening we witnessed Troy Pierce – a huge name in the German EDM scene – spin some insane tracks. By night the space transforms into a noir, illuminated, open air nightclub with the stars twinkling over your head and the grass below your feet.

Who says you can’ be rooted in the past, yet travel to the future? At the Future Theory Festival,we experienced just that! I’d strongly recommend you attend this one next year, if you love weekend getaways to historical destinations, or if you love progressive, electronic music. Especially if you love both!

For more details check their website here and follow them on Facebook here for updates.

(A huge thank you to Komal and the Tute Consult team for hosting us.)

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  1. Paint a little picture for you here a solitary 300 year old stronghold roosted high on a slope, with a winged animals eye perspective of the encompassing greenery and sprawling gardens. My nae is Naga raj I'm working kochi airport taxi A ravishing, provincial stronghold with it's wood plan and stone work yet in place, complete with a delightful The Future Theory Festival is a 2 day long presentation (February festivity that will showcase the best of the developing option electronic scene in India. Indian craftsmen, for example, Sandunes, Sickflip and Kumail are a percentage of the preeminent abilities in the homegrown electronic scene. Future Theory guarantees to offer a special ordeal to the providing so as to gather of people a line-up of painstakingly curated craftsmen, open workmanship activities, nature trails, and a weekend getaway all set inside.

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