Why You Should Visit Japan in 2020

Fushimi Inari Japan

Japan has been one of the most visited countries by tourists in recent years, and it is only increasing in popularity. There is so much to experience – vibrant city life, captivating history and, of course world-class food (the Tonkutsu Ramen alone is worth travelling for). With the 2020 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, there really has not been a more exciting time to visit Japan.

The 2020 Summer Olympics

Tokyo will be hosting the Olympics from the 24th July to 9th August in 2020. The events will take place across a variety of venues all over the city, with the city anticipating visits from a record amount of tourists. The entire country is filled with excitement in the lead up to the games, making 2020 a unique time to visit the country, wherever you go and whenever you visit.

Fans of theme parks will be happy to know that brand new attractions and experiences are being prepared for the influx of guests to enjoy in 2020. This includes Tokyo Disney undergoing heavy construction to increase capacity, easing congestion for visitors and building a list of new innovative attractions. Universal Studios Japan is also set to open Super Nintendo World in 2020 in time for the games.

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It is Not as Expensive as You May Think

It is easy for many travellers to dismiss visiting Japan due to a misconception that it is expensive to get there and expensive to stay there. Although the 2020 Olympics will cause an increase in prices, there are still many options for affordable travel and accommodation. Many budget airlines serve Tokyo’s several airports with cheap flights. Furthermore, Tokyo now has more accommodation than ever, meaning there is an incredibly wide number of hotels and rentals to choose from.

See World Famous Sights

Booking a trip to Japan in 2020 means that you get to pick which season you go. This offers a great chance to see the next round of legendary cherry blossom in Japan. The cherry blossom season falls between March and May and is truly one of the most picturesque times to see Japan. Tourists love visiting during this season due to all the snacks, souvenirs and even Starbucks drinks that are inspired by the famous blossoms! This is also the most magical time to see the astonishing Mount Fuji – don’t miss the opportunity to snap an incredible picture of its snow-capped peak behind the vibrant pink tones of blossom in full bloom.

Public Transport Has Never Been More Efficient

Japan has long been home to ground-breaking developments in transport and technology. The 2020 Olympics has led to further innovations in Japan’s intricate public transportation systems, meaning it has never been easier and more accessible for tourists to travel around the country. The new Maglev trains are to be the fastest train in the world, and will make their debut at the Olympics. There will also be new Shinkansen trains running between Tokyo and Osaka, as well as a new station on the Yamanote line. Tourists will benefit from a JR pass, allowing them to travel more efficiently and make savings.

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