Product Review: Seafood and Meat Co.

Aah, the ease of living in the twenty-first century. Everything is available online, right from booking peons to get your work done, to getting clothes designed. And on the food front there’s a huge boom. Buy your groceries, compare vegetable prices, and even get recipe kits delivered to your doorstep. My latest find is Seafood and Meat Co. – an online portal delivering what else, but seafood and meat of every kind! 

The company was launched with the idea to become a one stop stop for all your non-vegetarian food needs, ensuring safety, hygiene and prompt delivery. I recently ordered some medium sized prawns and spicy chorizo from them, and here’s what I liked and disliked about my overall experience right from ordering on the website, to cooking with their products.

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The MSM Box – The Latest Beauty Box to Hit the Market

I’m a beauty bag/box addict. Getting a box of goodies home, and having no clue what lies in them, thrills me to no extent. It’s like a surprise gift to myself! Inspite of still having beauty and make up samples left over from the previous beauty bag subscription (Re:The Fab Bag) I decided to take the leap and subscribe to yet another one – The MSM Box!

What? The My Style Mile or the MSM box, started by a fellow- blogger is the latest beauty box to hit the nation. They have an Express box (priced at Rs. 495/-) and a Select version (Rs. 995/-) where the difference between the two is the brands being featured, with the latter having more high end products, justifying the price difference.

Why? Because you’re tired of buying full sized beauty products, and then don’t end up using them. Also, it’s a really convenient way to try newer brands without breaking the bank.

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Product Review: Gourmet Recipe Kits

Q. Your preferred excuse for not experimenting in the kitchen and cooking as much as you’d want to?
a. No time and energy to enter the kitchen and whip up something new after a hard day at work
b. Don’t know the recipes and technical skills behind cooking all the cool dishes
c. Don’t know what ingredients to buy and where to buy them from
d. All of the above

If you too fall in the final category, like I do, there’s good news for us lazy slobs who want to experiment with cooking but don’t know how to – The website offers gourmet meal recipes and ingredients, hand delivered to your doorstep. Each kit comes with exact, measured ingredients, and a pictorial recipe all at 250 bucks for a meal for two.

What prompted me to order was the variety of dishes they had on offer – all International cuisine, with a decent mix of vegetarian and meat options. These were the dishes I could not easily whip up at home because my cooking skills were limited to the staples rice-dal-roti-sabzi. I ordered a basic Thai Green Chicken curry rice meal to start off with.

Here is what I liked about my experience:

Same day delivery: I ordered my kit through via phone on my way to work in the morning, and it was home by the time I got back from work, ready to be cooked.

Cash On Delivery: 

They only have COD option which I’m more than happy about. Though that may be a hassle for some others who prefer using plastic money.


The ingredients came in this adorable cloth bag (which my mother was most excited about). Each ingredient was labelled and packaged in separate plastic. No spillage, or leakage either.

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Onesta Confections: Popcorn, Pastries, and Pretty Packages

Christmas is a big deal in the Irani household. The tree comes out a week in advance, with mom and I decorating it with the same trinkets that I’ve been collecting as a little girl. I still get presents under my tree just as I did as a child, with the exception that I know it’s not Santa who is leaving them behind. And then of course, there’s the rum cake and marzipan that our neighbors and friends so generously send across. Growing up in Bandra has made me a lover of Christmas and all the festivities that come alongside. What are your Christmas and New Year plans?

Christmas came home early this year, when I walked home post work one day to a large hamper from Onesta Confections sitting pretty under my tree.  Onesta which means ‘honesty’ in Italian, is the baby and brainchild of Neha Chaudhary. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute in New York, and gaining further experience working at the J.W.Mariott, Mumbai; Neha started her own brand of desserts retailing out of Juhu.

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My Myrah Spa Experience

When I started blogging, I wanted the blog to be about anything and everything under the sun. Somewhere along the journey it got streamlined to food and only food, since food makes up a very important part of my life. This blog post is an experimental effort to re-start writing about beauty and lifestyle. My recent visit to Myrah Spa situated in Mumbai’s bustling suburb- Juhu provided the trigger.

I was feeling stressed, sleep deprived and bloated like a balloon. And whenever those feeling re-surface and reach a threshold, the only way out is to schedule a spa appointment. This time I decided to try Myrah Spa in Juhu for some rest, relaxation and much needed ‘Me’ time. The spa is spacious and spread over two floors. It’s tucked away in a leafy bylane of Juhu, and that ensures peace and tranquil around. Here is what I liked about my ‘Myrah Experience.’

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